Comfort and Style Are Closer Than Ever

It used to be that comfort had to be sacrificed for the sake of style. As the fashion industry continues to grow, many designers have found a way to create trendy looks that make you still feel like you’re in your pajamas. Don’t worry about running out to the grocery store in yoga pants anymore. Here are some styles that can keep you looking and feeling great.

Work Clothes

Many stores now make work pants that look work appropriate but fit like yoga pants. They can easily be paired with soft sweaters or blouses. Sweater dresses are also a great option in the winter. Find clothes that work best for you. You will find that it is easier to get your work done if you are not feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about your clothes.


If your job requires you to be on your feet all day, wearing stilettos can wreak havoc on your feet. Many shoe companies have begun to make work appropriate foot attire that is both comfortable and stylish. Toms NYC has options for every occasion. Always try walking around for a few minutes in the shoes before deciding whether they are right for you. Some shoes may just take longer to adjust to than others, but if you find a pair of shoes hurting your feet, you probably should not keep them.

Casual Wear

The invention of jeggings was a big game changer. These are pants that look like jeans but feel like leggings. Like jeans, they can be dressed up or down. You can have a fabulous night on the town while wearing your comfy pants.

Never wear clothes that don’t make you happy. Whether you are uncomfortable or just don’t like them, there are plenty of other options out there to choose from. Your style helps define who you are, so choose outfits that you love. Your clothes should always make you feel happy and relaxed.

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Tips for Beginning Models

If you’re looking into modeling, you might be overwhelmed by the volume of information that is out there. It can be difficult to sort through and figure what is actually necessary to break into the business. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Beware of Scams

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who will try to scam you. These companies send people out to stores and have them approach you and tell you that you have a good look and should try out modeling. Once you go to your appointment, they try to sell you classes or get you to pay for overpriced headshots. They may even try to make you pay them to represent you. Never pay an agency to represent you. That being said, you will incur quite a few upfront costs.

Find the Right Agency

Before you begin meeting with agencies, do your research. This will help prevent you from walking into a scam. Look at sites like, and make a list of all of the agencies that you would like to meet with. While many agencies have an open door policy, they often have requirements on what you need to bring. Consider creating a portfolio to take with you to each meeting. Have a list of questions ready to ask them, so you can find out if they are right for you.

Understand the Costs

First and foremost, you will need to hire a photographer to take pictures of you. You should not expect the agency to cover these costs for you. It is extremely important to put yourself out there, so you will incur some marketing costs. Social media is a great platform, but it is a good idea to have your own website as well.

Breaking into the modeling business isn’t easy. It is going to require a lot of hard work and dedication. If this is your dream and you are willing to put in the work, the pay off can definitely be worth it.

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Is Laser Hair Removal Right for You?

Hair removal can be inconvenient, like the daily task of shaving. It may even be painful, like wax or sugaring. Luckily, there’s an alternative that can eliminate the need for upkeep entirely.

If you’re looking for laser hair removal in Ellicot City, MD, you’re not alone. Lots of people are eager to be rid of hair on the face, legs, armpits and bikini region. But how does laser hair removal work? Here are the basics to help you determine if the procedure is right for you.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is as simple as it sounds: a laser is used to remove unwanted hair. After 2-7 treatments, hair loss is permanent.

How does it accomplish this? The concentrated light of the laser enters hair follicles, damaging them. After treatment, the affected hair falls out. When it grows back in, it’s noticeably thinner and sparser. Eventually, it stops growing back and you’re left with silky smooth skin.

What Are the Benefits?

Permanency is the most attractive benefit for most people, but there are other advantages that put laser at the top of the hair removal list. For example, it’s much more precise than a razor or wax could ever be. You don’t have to worry about the dreaded ingrown hairs that are often a result of shaving. There’s also the wonderful bonus of minimal pain and discomfort, courtesy of cooling creams and gels. Finally, since the hair is cut down to a few millimeters before the procedure, you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow out like you do with waxing.

Where Can You Get Treated?

Dermatologists administer laser hair removal at a variety of locations. You can make an appointment at a private medical practice, for instance. However, if you prefer a less clinical, more “pampered” experience, many medspas offer it alongside other cosmetic procedures.

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Dressing the Best Way to Show Off Your Style

Your style says a lot about you. It shows your interests, personality, and way you view the world. Deck out your wardrobe with clothes and accessories that express these attributes. If you’re not certain how to sport your specific aesthetic, these are the items you need to pick your next shopping trip.

Rock Your Edgy Side

If you’re rebellious and love all things rock ‘n roll, you need a wardrobe as loud as you are. Buy a pair of ladies motorcycle chaps for the next time you take your bike for a spin. Pair them with a leather jacket to prove that you are one tough chick. Complete the look with a choker and a tank top with your favorite band on it to wear at a concert, dive bar or anywhere you bring your edgy posse.

Strut Your Preppy Style

If you like shopping and anything pink, you want your closet to be as peppy and girly as you are. Overlap a collared shirt with a sweater for those brisk coffee runs to pick up your pumpkin spiced latte. A gingham skirt serves as a nice base for any occasion. No outfit is complete without a cute designer purse and fun-colored flats. A little back sequin dress is the cherry on top in your closet for those nights out on the town.

Parade Your Artsy Attributes

If you exude hippy vibes and love marching to the beat of your own drum, why shouldn’t your clothes do the same? Let your creativity flow with a bohemian skirt or a pair of elephant pants. Match those with a lace crop top to the next festival you attend. Add a fringe cardigan, a flower crown and feather earrings to any outfit to give off peace and love vibes.

Whether you’re a rocker chick, girly girl or hippy goddess, these outfits will give you a closet that displays your unique personality.

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3 Ways a Dermatologist Helps You Care for Your Skin

The health of your skin matters. If your skin breaks out with acne, or develops a rash or irritation, it can be a symptom of something negative happening internally in your body. It can also be a reaction to something that touched your skin and did not react favorably. Colorado dermatology specialists are trained to assess skin issues and offer solutions.

Here are three ways a dermatologist can help you care for your skin.


A sudden flare up, appearance of bumps or overwhelming feeling of itchiness on your skin is not normal. The positive outlook is to see these symptoms as a warning sign. An allergic reaction to food, irritation caused by a specific ingredient or something else should not be ignored. A dermatologist visually assesses the issue. If studies are required, they are ordered. It could be the development of eczema, psoriasis or skin cancer. If it is a simple irritation, you will be told what caused it and how to prevent the irritation from concurring again.

Sufferers of extreme acne can also be helped by a dermatologist because they prescribe clinical-strength lotions and medications.


Your pores are more sensitive than you may realize. Dirt, elements and makeup that get stuck in the microscopic holes cause breakouts on your skin. These breakouts are not limited to your face. They can also occur on your back, chest and even arms. In these cases, you may simply require better cleansing. A dermatologist can schedule regular facials to help keep your pores clean. A dermatologist can also schedule microdermabrasions and chemical peels.


Maybe you have looked in the mirror and are not as satisfied with the appearance of your skin as you once were. Cosmetic treatments can return light, clarity and evenness to your skin and its tone. Injections, laser treatments and coolscupting are some of your options.

The health of skin is important since negative reactions can reflect something bad happening internally. Colorado dermatology specialists offer several services including medical, cleansing and cosmetic to help your skin radiate.

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Do Anti-Aging Serums Really Work?

When it comes to skin care, simplicity is key. All you really need is a good cleanser, sun block and moisturizer. But, what about aging skin? There are plenty of products on the market that claim to turn back time, but will an anti aging serum really work?

Causes of Premature Aging

Although genetics play a part in our overall health and ability to age gracefully, other factors come into play. The biggest contributors to bad skin are:

– Sun damage
– Poor nutrition
– Lack of hydration
– Inadequate rest
– Smoking and alcohol consumption

What’s the Difference Between a Serum and a Cream?

Serums and creams aren’t the same thing, and having an effective moisturizing cream doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from a serum or vice versa. Creams are thicker and designed to provide overall hydration. Serums tends to be lighter in texture, but with a heavier concentration of active ingredients. Often, there’s one main active ingredient that’s meant to solve a specific problem. An anti aging serum isn’t meant to be a replacement for moisturizer; they’re designed to enhance and bolster the benefits of your night cream.

Best Ingredients for Healthy Skin

There are four main ingredients that are clinically proven to minimize the look the lines and wrinkles. Some products contain a combination, but most focus on a single active agent. The biggest one is retinol, which is a form of vitamin A. It’s believed to boost collagen production, which is the main factor in sagging skin and loss of elasticity. Another ingredient you might find in skin serum is hyaluronic acid. This ingredient replaces polysaccharide as our own natural production slows down. It’s an essential moisturizing agent. An ingredient that’s less well-known but just as essential is C16-ceramide. This acts as a barrier that protects the skin below the surface while keeping moisture in. Finally, any good skin care product should contain anti-oxidants. Free radicals are the main cause of aging and disease at a cellular level, and anti-oxidants help prevent the damage they cause. Find them in your food and wear them on your face for protection inside and out.

Why Are There Different Products for Eyes and the Rest of Your Face?

The nature of lines around the eyes and around other areas like the lips or forehead requires a lighter touch. The skin around eyes is thinner and more vulnerable to damage than thicker skin elsewhere.

When Do You Use a Serum?

This isn’t meant to address at what age an anti aging serum is beneficial, but when you apply it to your face. In general, anti aging protection should begin well before an age where fine lines and wrinkles develop. The key to skin care products is consistency. They should be used every day, but not in excessive amounts. When it comes to applying skin products, use the lighter formula first, give it a few minutes to soak into your skin, then apply the heavier cream. Keep in mind that sun damage and the effects of aging aren’t just apparent on faces. Necks and chest need care, too.

Skin Care Basics for Aging Faces

Skin care isn’t just a concern for older people. Research shows that 57 percent of millennials use anti-aging products daily. The sooner you start with a good system, the less effort you’ll have to make reversing problems later. Good skin care begins on the inside with good nutrition. Add to that plenty of rest, hydration and products to protect and soften your skin, and you’ll have a comprehensive system that will work for you at any age.

There are literally thousands of products on the market, so choosing the right one for your face can be confusing. The effectiveness of an anti aging serum depends on the ingredients. When you find one that works, stick with it.

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Facial Treatment and Skin Care

If you’re the kind of person who uses friends, Google or social media for information about skincare, you’ve probably heard many different things about facials. These might have ranged from the mundane (they’re an unnecessary luxury) to the horrifying (you can develop flesh eating disease from a peel). Neither of these things are true, but when it comes to facial treatments and skin care, separating the truth from the urban legends is not an easy feat. 


Let’s take a look at some common myths and see exactly how they stack up:

Myth: You should get facials as frequently as your budget allows you to. 

Facials aren’t necessarily one of those things that are increasingly effective the more often you have them. In fact, some facial treatments, like microdermabrasion or peels can irritate the skin if they’re used too frequently, even if you don’t have sensitive skin to begin with. 

While getting facial treatment on a regular basis can certainly be beneficial for your complexion, the quality of the treatment is much more important than the frequency. In fact, investing in a good quality facial on a semi-regular basis might mean you only have to do touch-ups in the months between. 

That being said, you can’t expect optimal results if you’re not serious about maintenance. A facial once a year isn’t enough to combat 11 months of bad skincare habits and you won’t see the result you’re looking for if you only book a session irregularly.

Myth: Skincare advances mean you can do the same thing yourself at home

On the flip side, many people believe that they don’t need to visit a skincare specialist at all to get professional results. And while it certainly seems like spa-quality products are easier to find than ever – like home laser kits or gel polish – the old adage about getting what you pay for is still true. The ingredients in masks you buy from the drugstore are still significantly lower quality than what a spa or clinic will have access to. 

Many people also believe that if they practice good skincare on a regular basis, there isn’t much point in going for a professional facial treatment. While using quality products and practicing diligent skin maintenance can definitely improve the look and feel of your skin, a specialist will have access to both tools and products that you might not, or that it’s not practical for you to invest in. 

In addition, certain things like extractions are almost impossible to perform on yourself, and are best done by a professional who is adequately trained. Attempting to extract blackheads or milia by yourself can lead to scarring or infection. 

A esthetician is also trained to assess people’s skin type and will use this information to perform a customized facial treatment that addresses your needs. During a consultation, you might find you have skin concerns you didn’t even know about! And while Google can be useful for some things, it’s not ideal for diagnosing anything, whether that’s an illness or a skincare problem. 

Myth: facials can be painful or cause skin irritation

This one is mostly untrue but does depend on the quality of the clinic you go to and the service you end up getting. For example, many people find that some peels or other brightening treatments cause a slight tingling sensation while they take effect. This is perfectly normal but shouldn’t cause a burning or painful sensation.

If you’re receiving extractions, the area might see a small amount of redness for the first few hours, but it shouldn’t be extensive, nor should it be permanent. 

A lot of this goes back to the idea of getting a consultation before your facial. If you have sensitive skin but end up booking a facial that doesn’t address this, it’s possible that the products used might cause some irritation. Likewise, if you struggle with dry skin and request, say a clay mask that draws out excess oil and impurities, you might find yourself with skin that’s even drier than normal.

At the end of the day, if you’re using a facial treatment specialist who knows their stuff and you’re upfront about your concerns and lifestyle, a facial shouldn’t be painful and it shouldn’t leave your skin feeling even worse than it was beforehand.  

Myth: Facials are overpriced and an unnecessary expense

This is only a myth if you look at the cost in a certain way. For some people, a facial can seem like a sizable upfront cost. Many clinics, however, offer packages or incentives for regular customers, which can be a great perk if you’ve found a clinic and a specialist you’re happy with.

When evaluating cost, you also have to look at the money you might be saving elsewhere. Having regular facial treatment might mean spending less on day-to-day products, or even makeup. Many people who have regular sessions find themselves feeling confident enough go totally makeup free, or at least using less product to cover up things like redness or age spots. 

At the end of the day, your skin is your body’s largest organ. Is it really an unnecessary expense to keep it looking and feeling as healthy as possible?

Your skin isn’t something you want to mess around with, but neither is it something worth sacrificing because of an unfounded belief. Though myths about facial treatments abound, when you choose the right clinic and treatment type, they can be an effective way of nourishing your skin, brightening complexion and reducing the signs of aging. Don’t believe the hype unless you’ve spoken to a facial aesthetician!

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