Girl Talks: Memorable Summer Getaway

Yay! It’s May already which means summer is coming. Well in the Philippines, summer already kicked in. Girls Talk topic this month was already out and memorable summer would be the first on the list. My life back home is quite opposite with my life here in the US when it comes to outdoor activity. That is why I’m glad I was able to explore Boracay before I decided to enter the world of lifetime prison hehe, just kiding.

2006 Boracay Vacay

Wearing swimsuit is not my cup of tea but when you’re in Boracay no one cares about your flaws and body defect in other words faaatsss. lol. This was the first time I showed off my intangible body. Well no one cares if the belly was bigger than the boobs which is looked like a dots :rotfl:
New York City 2010

Last summer we went to New York, the city that never sleeps but people does sleep hehe. We never got the chance to tour around the place but we had great time exploring the central park and some few places in Manhattan. I wish to go back there again one day.
Las Vegas 2008

The trip to Las Vegas was a big help for me and my marriage. My husband is one boring person who prefers to stay home all day and take a snoozed all the time. That trip was free of course courtesy of my sister’s hubby who is a pilot in South West airlines. I have so many memorable getaway when I was single. I look forward for a fun getaway this coming summer.

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