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Therafit ShoesIs it Fall yet? We still have couple of days to go and Autumn or fall will officially kick in. Summer may be over soon but you can still wear sandal or whatever footwear you may find comfortable. But of course dress appropriately for the season as it is getting windy and chilly outside. A pair of Carly Orange Sandal with a mix of neutral tone-on-tones will sure match your summer outfit or any outdoor as you wish comfortably. The coral-orange leather comes in color inspired by nature with floral accent that is perfect year round sandal. A sandal that gives comfort and yet chic and trendy. We use our feet everyday and it should be right to wear comfortable footwear that is beneficial to our health. I am talking about Therafit Shoe, your one stop shop for comfortable Sandals, Athletic Shoes, Uniform Shoes, Walking Shoes and Sneakers. I am fortunate to received and tried one of their summer sandal in exchange for my honest review and opinion. Inside the box included a beautifully wrapped box of Therafitshoe sandal, tote bag and a discount coupon. All thanks to Therafit Shoe.

Therafit’s summer sandals are the hottest trend in comfort chic! Featuring Therafit’s patented Personal Comfort System, providing the same cushioned comfort you have come to expect from Therafit Footwear, but in a cute sporty sandal. With 86 reflexology nodules built into each footbed, and a deep heel cup for support, Therafit comfortable sandals for women will keep you styling in comfort through all your summer activities. As a matter of fact, you can wear the Therafit sandal all year round except of course when it’s snowing. I have been wearing this sandal when I bring the kids to school and pick them up. Their school is just a walking distance from our house and this sandal is what I need. The cushion provides comfort and support with adjustable personal comfort adapter for total protection. As we get older our body changes and we need a good footwear for support.

Let us be practical in choosing the right shoes that is not only comfortable but also fashionable, durable and flexible.

What makes Therafit Shoe (Carly Orange Sandal) different from other brand of shoes?

~ Featuring Therafit’s patented Personal Comfort System, you can personally adjust the cushioning in the heel area as you wear it day or night by removing one or more of the three comfort adapters in the heel area with an easy twist.

~ The Carly leather sandal features a foot-bed with 86 reflexology nodules that provide gentle stimulation on key acupressure points on the sole of the foot.

~ This sandal also comes with a contoured, shock-absorbing midsole featuring an arch support and deep heel-cup, providing stability and comfort. The sole of the shoes are design to hold onto the ground and prevent you from slipping, out of balance or sliding.

~ The Carly coral-orange sandal will be your go-to sandal for work or play all summer long! You can just slip it on your foot conveniently and easily.

~ Therafit’s Patented and Accredited Technology for Women’s Shoes – helps all women take that first step into a healthier lifestyle.

Visit their website today and find the perfect shoes for you that you may find useful this season. It has amazing features and technologically made for comfort and good support.

Season change, the weather is changing too and apparently most of the things around us changes including shoes and clothes. When it comes to fashion and style, shoes play a huge part to complete the whole package or looks. Now here comes the shoes that provide relief and comfort at the same time look chic, trendy like this Carly Orange Sandal. Therafit Shoe is built on four key ideals: Comfort, Customer, Charity and Community. The motto is: “Make Your Whole Body Happy!” Start with your feet. Browse their website and peruse to earn more healthful information about Therafit Shoe.

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