The Fairy Hobmother

“There may be fairies at the bottom of the garden. There is no evidence for it, but you can’t prove that there aren’t any, either”.

Would you like to see a proof that fairies do exist? Well, here it is, The Fairy Hobmother! Spreading joy and happiness across the blogosphere! How’s that for a proof. Many bloggers can attest to that as they have been blessed to have visited by the Fairy Hobmother. The Fairy Hobmother is very generous in answering most of the bloggers wishes and wishlist. I’ve been following The Fairy Hobmother’s tracks around the blogosphere for weeks now and I see to it that I leave comments at those blogs because I heard that The Fairy Hobmother reads not just the blog post but as well as the comments. I’ve been wishing this day to get notice by the Fairy Hobmother and finally he did not fail to answer my wish. If this simple wish came true, there’s a possibility that my greatest wish to own a American Fridge Freezer would be possible. The Fairy Hobmother is a busy man tracking around some talented bloggers, waving his magic wand and sprinkling some magical pixie dust. If you want to get lucky then make sure to leave your thoughts at the comment section as the Fairy Hobmother may be getting in touch with you too. A simple hi or hello to the Fairy Hobmother could be your ticket to the virtual magic world of fairies. Follow The Fairy Hobmother on Twitter!

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