GT – Favorite Teacher

I just chatted to my friends back home who are mostly teachers. Yeah, here comes the time of the year when teacher frequently comes back to school for Brigada. So even if summer public school teachers have to report to school to finish tons of forms, card giving, seminars, enrollment and cleaning.

Speaking of teacher, I have a few favorite teachers back in high school that I really like and whom i considered good teacher. I have this attitude though that if I don’t like the teacher I sort of cut classes, and if not i just ignored the subject. But if I find the teacher teaching interesting I would listen and pay attention. Mrs, Adarne my third year high school teacher was one of the many teachers I considered a very good teacher.

Mrs. Adarne - Third year high school adviser and T.H.E teacher

Mrs. Catalina Andamon - Fourth year high school teacher adviser and Filipino subject teacher

I belong in section A when I was in third and fourth year. That was also the time that I burnt an eye brows in studying hard for the first time so I will be included in the honor list. Part of the reason that I like to study back then was my teacher. Second year, I was in section B but still I cut classes once in a while. I’d rather come home and steal some pineapples or mangoes in our neighbors back yard than listening to my teacher who can’t even teach very well. For me if I don’t understand what their teaching, well they’re not a good teacher perhaps. So, only in 3rd and 4th year high school that I took interest in studying hard, work with my assignments and participate in any class discussion. The person influenced me to do better in class were my teacher in fourth year and third year. I owe them a lot and I hope to see them again one day.
Graduation - Labangon Bliss Elementary School, Cebu City

And so, when it was my time to be in front of the kids as their teacher, I get irritated if i see someone talking while I was talking. That time on I felt like it was a pay back or a get a doze of my own medicine because i did that to my elementary and some high school teachers. Nevertheless, i put a wall and make my self look strict all the time so kids will get scared at me and perhaps listen to me when I am teaching. I’ve handled grades 1 to 6 kids in my 7 years of teaching experience. Not all these kids like me or considered me as their favorite. I am also certain that I have many kids who were under my class that didn’t like me because I was strict. I have some pupils before who are in Facebook and we chat sometimes. I think these are the kids that considered me as their favorite teacher because they never forget me. Char!

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