Pool Safety and Precautions

Bateman's Old Swimming Pool In Las Vegas

It’s very common for people who live in the south to have pool in their back yard or community. The weather in the south is hot especially during the summer. But in living in the northern part is different, only a few have pools in their back yard. We experienced four season but during the winter we get more snow and the weather gets freezing like below 0 sometimes. Anyway, we have public pool in one of the park here in Pittsburgh, but we haven’t tried going there for a swim yet. The first time my children experienced being in a pool was when we went to Las Vegas. The pool picture above was the pool in my sister’s first house they bought in Las Vegas. They stayed there for couple of years then decided to find an apartment and right now they’re thinking of moving back to Arizona. I saw the house they want to buy and it has nice big pool at the back of the house. The house was fenced in but I think they will going to put a swimming pool fence to ensure safety and precautions. They have 4 year old toddler and once they move back in there, the grand son will stay in their house too. I wish we have pool, but that’s impossible because we do not have enough space in our back yard and our place is also uphill. How about you, do you have a swimming pool?

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