Scion FR-S Coming Soon

The All new Scion FR-S
Brought to you by the all new Scion FR-S

Watch out for the arrival of this new ride Scion FR-S this June. The handy infographic contains information of what you will expect and look for in Scion FR-S. With Scion, someone who love to collect or take a spin in a sports car would definitely enjoy this car. Trace the DNA of the FR-S, a ride descended from Toyota’s motorsport heritage.
The all new scion FR-s is available in June 2012. The graph shows the specs and the evolution of the car from the older Toyota models. Scion FR-S is available in different color so check it out and pick the perfect color that suit your personality. It has 6-speed automatic with paddle shifters. Sports car enthusiast would love to include this new make or ride to their car collection. The infographic will tell you everything you want to know about this car. You should also visit the website for more information and details.

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