Review: Comfortable and Chic Foldable Shoes from Konvine

Why are women have more shoes than men? Honestly, I don’t really know the answer however for some reason girls need shoes to match their outfit. As for me, I just love shoes and having more than just enough still not enough. Sounds confusing doesn’t it?

Shoes are the most important thing for women. There is a purpose for every style, design, and color of shoes. There is a shoes for every occasion such as party, formal gathering, wedding and a shoes for a Friday night out. Good shoes will take us to good places. Thus, it gives comfort and confidence.

Nevertheless, as much as we look stunning and gorgeous in stiletto heel our feet needs to relax once in a while. Nothing more comfortable than wearing a light and flat shoes. I feel lucky to have given the opportunity to try the most comfortable flat shoes from Konvine. They have fashionable, very sleek and innovative design and style of foldable flat shoes. It brings comfort to your tired feet tootsies. This cool, trendy rollable shoes will perfectly fit in your purse. This pair Snakeskin Roll-Ups With Heart shoes was the one I picked. This daring print, along with the feminine heart rhinestone, can kick anyone’s attire up a notch up and virtually be coordinated with anything! You can match this with almost every trendy outfit you’re wearing and even your office uniform and still look classy and chic.

Konvine roll-up flat shoes is sure comfortable, convenient and chic. You can wear this on any occasion and perhaps use it in big night out, your wedding, traveling to work, the plane ride or around the office, because it’s perfect for your overworked feet. Visit their website at for more style, design and color of roll-up flat shoes. Don’t forget to Like Konvine page on Facebook and follow @KonvineShoes on Twitter to get updated with the latest and hottest roll-up styles. Buy your own trendy, gorgeous, and comfortable foldable flat shoes now.

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Fashion Boots

Fall is the time of the year to show case your wardrobe. Mix and match your fashion clothing with amazing boots of different sizes. I have simple fashion sense and not much into trendy clothing as well. My sister is quite the opposite because she has the guts and confidence to wear clothing that is in fashion. With her skinny body build and size, she really do have what it takes to be like a model. If some people are worried about finding weight loss pills that work just to get in shape or at least in size 2 so they can wear skinny jeans. Well, my sister sister is different as she never gets fat even if she ate a lot. She wears size 6 1/2 shoes, size xs dress and jeans. She bought this fashion boots online at a very low price. That’s the good thing with being a petite person, you can buy cheap clothing and yet looks terrific on you.

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Black Poppy Point Toe Ballet Flat

I saw a great deal at MyPoints Daily Deals, Bought this shoes for $6.49 free shipping.

Image from

This is as sleek and chic as they come! This ballet flat has a slightly curved edge that comes to a rounded point which adds a sophisticated value! Definitely a go-to flat shoes for this season. You can wear them in the summer and so a walk in footwear in the fall to stay stylin’.

* Shiny lightly padded insole.
* Black Poppy printed on inside.

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Must Have Boots

Winter is in full swing and it is never too late to reward yourself with Whooga Ugg Boots that brings warmth and comfort to your feet. It warms up your toes faster with lavishly thick thermofleece. Whooga ugg boot is a type of sheepskin boot with wool lining that features luscious twin faced merino fleece, double stitched for durability, shapes to the natural contours of your feet and top quality standard with 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may be experiencing warmer temperature right now that you think you do not need boots, well the thing with ugg boot is, you can wear it even if it’s snowing or not. In fact you can wear it all year round in anyway suits your fashion style. Enhance your winter fashion with a pair of comfortable and soft sheepskin Whooga Ugg Boots.

Reinforced Suede Heel for stiffness and provides additional support for your ankle and prevents your boots from sagging.

Feel free visit their website and to check out the variety of colors and styles of Ugg Boots By Whooga to insure that you buy the orginal kind of Ugg Boots. In addition to that, you could save when you buy a pair of Whooga Ugg Boots if you use the exclusive discount code: 1584EFASHION that gives you 10% off which is good till next week.

Hence, perhaps you would want sign up on Whooga Ugg Boots Newsletter to be enter with the giveaway. The current giveaway is open to everyone that signs up to our newsletter. Drawing of boots for the winners is at the end of each month and it’s open to everyone in all countries. One more thing, Like Whooga Ugg Boot inFacebook and follow them on Twitter to get latest updates and infos.

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