My Mother-in-law next door neighbor have two RV and one of them is just sitting right in their backyard. Every time I took Jake to the Dollar General behind my MIL house he always asked about that vehicle. He addresses it as big track and I corrected him that it is RV. I am not sure if that RV is still in good condition or probably broken and needs rv repair. This family have manage their own business that is why they able to buy two RV. I think the one in their backyard is broken. They always go for a road trip every summer with two of their college kids. My husband said that they also go to a camp every summer. There is actually a camp ground in Slippery rock a mile away from my MIL place. My son’s curiosity puts me on a hot spot as I do not know too much about tracks and cars. I even confuse the difference between RV and trailer because they both look a like. As far as I know, RV is a recreational vehicle while a trailer is like a trailer house. Well, what do I know.

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