Girls Talk – Favorite Subject

I was a teacher for 7 years and in every class scheduled I had, the Recess was not included as subject but it was listed in the schedule as part of every teacher’s / pupils auxiliary therefore, it became my favorite subject LOL. Whether it is subject or not, i love break time, wouldn’t you?

Topic to talk this week over at Girls Talk is about favorite subject. Hmmm sounds like a autobiography when we were still in high school I don’t have a specific subject that i can considered my favorite. As I have said in my previous post, once i don’t like the teacher her lesson won’t register to my tiny brains. Back in college also, I took P.E as my subject of specialization. My concept was, why would I tortured myself with the confusing numbers or composing a well written paragraph when I could take Physical education and pass this subject out with just a booty shake. So, i guess P.E is my favorite subject it was.

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