Work and Career

I just read a new post in the wall on Facebook from my former co worker about the activities they are having right now at school. It made me feel nostalgic. I love dancing and I enjoyed teaching it to my students. I missed those times that we took a break from our job and did some dance practice for programs and presentations. This is what they have been doing lately. They busy practicing belly dancing. I miss my old job and miss working actually.

Meanwhile, now that I am here in a different surroundings I want to find a new career. There is a dental office in our block and every time I see their assistance coming out from the office wearing scrubs makes me envious. I like looking at those lovely nursing scrubs they are wearing. I think they look cool and even if they have tiring job they still look awesome with their scrubs. They can wear it anywhere and no need to change their outfit after their work schedule. I want to have a career like that. I want to wear a scrub and work in a hospital or doctor’s office. Too bad my degree is far related to any medical courses or job.

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