Girls Talk – Favorite Subject

I was a teacher for 7 years and in every class scheduled I had, the Recess was not included as subject but it was listed in the schedule as part of every teacher’s / pupils auxiliary therefore, it became my favorite subject LOL. Whether it is subject or not, i love break time, wouldn’t you?

Topic to talk this week over at Girls Talk is about favorite subject. Hmmm sounds like a autobiography when we were still in high school I don’t have a specific subject that i can considered my favorite. As I have said in my previous post, once i don’t like the teacher her lesson won’t register to my tiny brains. Back in college also, I took P.E as my subject of specialization. My concept was, why would I tortured myself with the confusing numbers or composing a well written paragraph when I could take Physical education and pass this subject out with just a booty shake. So, i guess P.E is my favorite subject it was.

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Girl Talks: Favorite Summer Activity

This week Girl Talks topic of chikahan is summer activity that we love to do and our favorite. I think summer is synonymous to water as refreshment. When it says summer, it means the sun is out to play with us. The only thing that make summer more fun is water in the beach, pool, falls, sauna, portable pool and even distilled water hahaha. These are the favorite activities we like to do on summer. Let the picture speak itself. Beach is hours away from us so we just settle with the creek and river here.

Another activity we like doing on summer is bicycling. We hope we could do more this year. My MIL always invited us to Franklin trail for bike ride and there is also trails near our are and in the park.

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Girls Talk – Gadget to Die for

I have tons of Gadgets in mind that I’m dying to buy and have it in my hand but Mr. Money is always there to ruin my desire. Almost everybody I think have owned Digital SLR Camera except me. Well, what can i do I’m a late bloomer. I want one of this but the thing is I might probably die not having this bad boy.

So, if some of you want to sponsor, I want this camera badly, i want an ipod, iphone, laptop, and ohh you can maybe include a case for the lappy too hehee. These stuffs are probably outdated already but I still want it. These are the gadgets I am dying to have but Mr. Money is not so cooperative.

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