Review: Comfortable and Chic Foldable Shoes from Konvine

Why are women have more shoes than men? Honestly, I don’t really know the answer however for some reason girls need shoes to match their outfit. As for me, I just love shoes and having more than just enough still not enough. Sounds confusing doesn’t it?

Shoes are the most important thing for women. There is a purpose for every style, design, and color of shoes. There is a shoes for every occasion such as party, formal gathering, wedding and a shoes for a Friday night out. Good shoes will take us to good places. Thus, it gives comfort and confidence.

Nevertheless, as much as we look stunning and gorgeous in stiletto heel our feet needs to relax once in a while. Nothing more comfortable than wearing a light and flat shoes. I feel lucky to have given the opportunity to try the most comfortable flat shoes from Konvine. They have fashionable, very sleek and innovative design and style of foldable flat shoes. It brings comfort to your tired feet tootsies. This cool, trendy rollable shoes will perfectly fit in your purse. This pair Snakeskin Roll-Ups With Heart shoes was the one I picked. This daring print, along with the feminine heart rhinestone, can kick anyone’s attire up a notch up and virtually be coordinated with anything! You can match this with almost every trendy outfit you’re wearing and even your office uniform and still look classy and chic.

Konvine roll-up flat shoes is sure comfortable, convenient and chic. You can wear this on any occasion and perhaps use it in big night out, your wedding, traveling to work, the plane ride or around the office, because it’s perfect for your overworked feet. Visit their website at for more style, design and color of roll-up flat shoes. Don’t forget to Like Konvine page on Facebook and follow @KonvineShoes on Twitter to get updated with the latest and hottest roll-up styles. Buy your own trendy, gorgeous, and comfortable foldable flat shoes now.

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