Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry

The perfect gift is gorgeous handcrafted Southwestern jewelry proudly manufactured in the United States in Manassa, Colorado. The large selection of creative one-of-a-kind high quality and breathtakingly colorful and unusual designs are far superior to the offerings in the usual jewelry and department stores.

All of the amazing jewelry also has a 100 percent guarantee against manufacture defects since the company is sure that the hand craftsmanship will be pleasing to the recipient and show the love that is imparted by the giver.

A few examples of this magnificent jewelry are given below.

Filagree Diamond Cut Ladies Bracelet

Made of 92.5 Sterling Silver, this one-inch wide bracelet fits the wrist size of approximately 6 ¾ inches. This elegant diamond cut cuff bracelet features tine grooves that are cut into the silver to give it the look of shiny diamonds.

Hummingbird Bracelet

This very popular cuff bracelet is 92.5 Sterling Silver inlaid with a Turquoise chip to bring good luck, relax the mind by easing stress, and protect against evil.

Oval Post Earrings

Also made of 92.5 Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver Posts and Hypo-Allergenic nuts, they are inlaid with Lavender Opal that is man-made because that is more durable than real opal.


The silver and turquoise pendants are beautiful with genuine opals and turquoises and are fashionable with a selection of hearts, crosses, horses, boots, wolves, arrowheads, paw prints, and other elegant Southwestern styles.

Mens Indian Head Ring

We mustn’t forget how the men love sterling silver jewelry, too. Sizes are available from 7 through 15. This particular all silver Indian head with a rug pattern on the sides is inlaid with Turquoise and a Lapis chip that is natural Lapis that comes from Afghanistan or a dark navy blue man-made material. Turquoise is believed to bring good fortune and strength, and is a help to overcome illness.

Eagle Head Ring

Available in sizes 5 through 15, this 92.5 Sterling Silver eagle head is inlaid in Turquoise chip and Coral chip. Coral’s color is red to orange, and it is a natural stone from Italy. Corals are known to be very soothing and protective.

Mens Watch

Made of 92.5 sterling silver with turquoise and dark navy blue lapis chips, this quartz watch has a watch face that comes from Japan and a twist-o-flex band by Speidel that will fit any size wrist because the links can be added to or taken away to accomplish the perfect fit.

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Tips for Buying Custom Wedding Rings

If you’re looking for an engagement ring or wedding bands, you have so many options. You may have no idea what kind of style you desire or you may have the perfect rings in mind. Whatever the case may be, an option you may not have considered is custom wedding jewelry. Buying a custom engagement ring or wedding bands isn’t necessarily a lavish splurge. Many couples decide to take this route if they’re not able to find the kind of rings they’re looking for, if they need a specific kind of band to fit with an existing engagement ring or if they want to bring a design idea to life. If you’re thinking this is something you’d like to consider, follow these tips for buying custom wedding rings.

Research Your Jeweler

Perhaps the most important tip is to choose a reputable Jewelry Store. Find a jeweler that offers a guarantee. Check out their website and look for reviews from previous satisfied customers. Ask if their diamonds come with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It’s also a good sign if they have an established and experienced staff.

Take Your Time

Designing a custom ring takes time. You’ll need to consult with the jeweler and communicate your desires. Then a sketch will be made. From that drawing, the jeweler will make a raw mold for your review to give you an idea of what the final design will look like. You may require a revision or small change, so allow time for such things.

Try On Different Styles

You’ll want to test different styles on your hand to see which kind of setting you prefer when it comes to width, shape, metal and other characteristics. It will help to be able to show the jewelry pictures of rings you like, as well. However, your ring can only be inspired by photos. Another design cannot be copied exactly.

Consider Buying Them All Together

With all of the other details you have to plan, buying your wedding jewelry all at the same jeweler makes sense. Not only can it save time, the staff will get to know your sense of style. In addition, matching the engagement ring and wedding bands can be an easier process if done together. Finally, it’s always possible to save money by making multiple purchases from the same store.

Follow these tips for buying custom wedding jewelry to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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Pearls for Your Lady

When you buy jewelry, it is always a good idea to look at it first to determine its quality and to determine if it will look good on the person who you are buying it for. However, if you are buying your jewelry online, you don’t have that luxury. With that in mind, is it still a good idea to buy your jewelry online?

What’s the Return Policy?

The most important thing to look for when buying jewelry or anything else online is the return policy. If you cannot return your purchase and get a full refund, you should have a backup plan for what you will do with the product if you or the person you give it to doesn’t like it. The good news is that it is fairly easy to pawn, resell or give away jewelry that you don’t like to others who will either pay you for it or will be able to wear it themselves.

How Long Does it Take to Ship Your Order?

Another important factor to consider when buying goods online is how long it will take to ship your order and whether or not you can track it during the shipping process. Having the ability to track your order ensures that you will actually receive what you ordered or can prove that your order was lost or never sent in the event that you don’t get your order. Typically, you will receive your order within two or three business days if you use standard shipping or within 24 hours if you use rush delivery.

Are There Any Physical Store Locations Nearby?

Ordering online from a jeweler is less risky when you can return your purchase to a physical store location. This makes it easier to either get store credit when you return a product or exchange what you purchased for something that you want and can use. An added benefit of going to a physical store location is that you can talk to a real person instead of dealing with a machine or an Internet contact form.

If you are planning on ordering jewelry online, you can visit sites such as www.thepearlsource.com to find quality jewelry companies such as The Pearl Source. While at your chosen site, you can browse through inventory, make a purchase or find out how to contact the jeweler for more information.

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Start an Online Jewelry Business

Thanks the the internet, more and more people are saying goodbye to their nine-to-five jobs and starting their own lucrative online businesses. While some prefer to dabble in online auctions for profit or monetize a blog for money, crafters are taking advantage of popular social media platforms to sell their homemade items. Some of the top sellers in homemade crafts include bath and body products, quilts and blankets, clothing and jewelry. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a famous jewelry designer and want your slice of the virtual money pie, there has ever been a better time to get started by creating your own online jewelry business.

Whether you are a complete novice to jewelry making or have been making gifts for family and friends for a long time, tapping into the multi-billion-dollar jewelry market is a smart investment. You do not even need to create a website to begin; you can utilize many of the existing selling platforms for crafters, create an account and begin listing your items. It really is that simple. Social marketing is another great way to spread the word about your new business. Aside from the initial start-up cost, which varies depending on the materials and gems you will be working with, your only costs pertain to the fees associated with selling on crafter platforms and other marketing tools like business cards.

If you have jewelry-making experience already, you may have access to a bulk jewelry supplier and not need to learn the trade. Most aspiring jewelry designers, however, are brand new to the craft. Fortunately, there are a host of online video tutorials on how to make various types of jewelry for resale.

Once you have narrowed down the types of jewelry you want to make and sell, all you need are the materials. You can search online for bulk suppliers or purchase ready-made jewelry kits that contain everything you need to create beautiful masterpieces. A company like Too Cute Beads, www.toocutebeads.com, is an example of a retailer that takes the guess work out of crafting beautiful jewelry. They carry everything from Swarovski crystal to leather cuffs, ribbons, beads, holiday earrings and even magnetic jewelry and clip kits for non-pierced ears, so you can customize the experience for your customer. Buying ready-made kits makes the process of creating gorgeous jewelry much easier, and you will love the praise you receive from new customers.

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Solitaire Rings

Solitaire diamond rings, with their lone diamond set onto a band of gold, platinum, palladium, titanium or other precious metal, can make quite a statement. As the diamond has no other gemstones to enhance or distract from it, it will need to be chosen with special care. It will also need to be bought from a reputable company like Gold Diamond Jewelry.

Technology has advanced to the point where it’s difficult to tell man made diamond rings from rings set with natural stones. The criteria for assessing the diamond’s quality is the same in both cases. The buyer should look for:

Clarity is the measure of how many flaws and inclusions a diamond has. Most diamonds have flaws, but a good quality diamond should be eye clean. This means no flaws can be seen with the naked eye, though some may be detected with a jeweler’s loup.

This is the size of the diamond. The carat size is up to the buyer or the person who the ring is being bought for!

A diamond solitaire can come in many cuts. These can include the traditional brilliant cut, the rose cut, the princess cut or the marquise cut.

Unless the buyer is looking for a colored, or fancy diamond, the best quality diamond is colorless. As with flaws, most diamonds have some color. But a good diamond should appear colorless to the naked eye.

With these tips in mind, the buyer’s in a good position to buy the perfect solitaire diamond ring.

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Types of Pearls

There are various types of pearls beyond the basic distinction of natural or cultured. Each type has its own unique qualities and characteristics. Let’s take a look at the various types of pearls you can find at quality jewelry sellers like National Pearl.

Japanese Akoya

Akoya pearls are the very first cultured pearls. They are farmed in the waters of Japan, but also China. They can be between two to ten millimeters around. These pearls have an average diameter of six to seven millimeters. These pearls are almost always round and are used often in cultured pearl necklaces.


These gems are farmed mainly in the rivers and lakes of China and average six to seven millimeters in size. They do range in size from two to 13 millimeters. Freshwater pearls only grow naturally in white, but they are often dyed by jewelry manufacturers. Because of the rainbow sheen, dyed black freshwater pearls often look much like genuine ones.

South Sea

South Sea pearls are a cultured variety that is the largest, averaging 13 millimeters in diameter. However, they can be as large as 20 millimeters round. They are cultured in the waters of Australia and China and come naturally in white, gold or cream colors.


These pearls get their name because they are traded from Tahiti; however, they’re cultured all around the area known as French Polynesia. They measure between eight and 16 millimeters in diameter.These pearls are distinctive because of their natural black, silver or gray color. The most rare and desired Tahitian pearl color is black with a peacock green cast.


A Keshi pearl is a mucleus-free pearl and is solid nacre. It is still categorized as a cultured pearl, however, because it is a byproduct of the culturing process. These pearls can be cultured in either salt water or freshwater. They are now truly rare due to the use of modern farming techniques.


Mabe pearls are those that have the distinction of growing against the shell of the oyster, causing it to be hemispherical in shape, rather than round. When they are harvested, the nucleus of these pearls is replaced by resin. Mother of pearl is used to cover its flat back. Thus, these pearls are less expensive than round ones, but they are still very lustrous.

These are the most popular forms of pearls that can be found at sites across the web like www.nationalpearl.com.

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Why Choose Matching Ring Sets?

Choosing the perfect style of engagement ring and wedding band is one of the most important wedding-related decisions that every couple will make. A great wedding set reflects both the wearer and represents the unique bond shared by the happy couple. While some couples prefer the romantic notion of passing along family rings and proposing with generational jewelry, others like the idea of choosing complementary matching bands and sets that showcase the uniformity of their love.

Matching ring sets take the guess work out of fitting and pairing unlike bands and rings together. With a matched set, the engagement ring takes center stage; the band acts as a complementary coordinating piece. Matched sets almost always feature the same colored metals, and the size and shape of the stones always coordinate back to the engagement ring.

Ring sets can be purchased at virtually any price point. Elegant platinum settings with colorless diamonds are among the most expensive types of matching sets. A modest alternative to expensive diamonds are cubic zirconia stones. High-quality CZ stones are virtually indistinguishable from diamonds. In fact, it takes a professional jeweler and expert magnification equipment to determine a genuine diamond from a CZ stone. CZ sets feature all of the same brilliance and sparkle of genuine diamonds but at a much more affordable price point.

If you love the look of traditional diamonds, a quality CZ set will fetch you as many compliments as genuine diamonds. CZ stones can be set in the same way as traditional diamonds, so you can purchase gold, platinum, silver, titanium or fashion-forward rhodium plating. You can select CZ matching ring sets with princess cuts, marquise shapes, filigree designs, channel settings, infinity styles and vintage details.

Shopping online is a great way to choose a CZ set. Many traditional brick-and-mortar jewelers do not carry CZ stones at all due to limited in-store space. When you shop online for your set, you also do not have to worry about pushy salespeople. Most online jewelry boutiques also offer a larger selection of stones, settings, metals and sizes to choose from. Chicjewelry.com is an example of an upstanding company offering a wide range of CZ wedding sets at prices that will suit practically any budget. They also offer lifetime warranties, custom engraving, layaways, online repairs and options for custom ring design, so they truly offer something for every happy bride and groom.

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