Braid Hair Styles

Having a daughter is like having your own doll. That’s right, my sisters and me never got the chance to play with dolls when we were growing up because my mother put our dolls in the cabinet for decoration instead letting us play with it. Last 2013 went to visit my family back hope and did some reminiscing and feeling nostalgic while looking at these old toys in our dusty, old looking cabinet. Anyway, my daughter every morning keep complaining about her long hair but she has no choice but to go along with me. Every time i see new style of hair braids I always wanted to try it on my daughter’s hair. You can actually check out on Youtube and Instagram if you want to learn cool and creative hair braids that you or your daughter can wear on different event and occasions.

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Costly Hairstyle

What do you think of my new header logo peepz? Thanks to the Celebrity Updates for that. I also added a lips sticker to match the theme.

What do you think of Justin Bieber’s signature style?

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Justin Bieber’s hair cut that cost a whooping $750! It’s like a half a hundred times fold than the cost of regular Supercut or other parlor for hair cut. The new hair do is better than his old signature hair look. He is a celebrity so he should maintain his good look. Well, if you spend that big amount for just a hair, it better be good. Read the full story and Vote for his hair OMG.Yahoo!

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