Always Learning

Contribution by Saul Martin

Once a month, I attend a small business owners’ breakfast in town. There is always a nice buffet breakfast, a good keynote speaker and time before and after the speaker to make some great business contacts both in and outside of my field. At the last meeting, while filling my coffee cup before the keynote speaker, I overheard a conversation about small business xo. Intrigued, I wrote down the company name and looked for the people I overheard talking after the keynote speaker. Fortunately I was able to catch one of them before he went out the door and was able to ask him about his experience. Not a technical person, I have relied for years on my current providers to lead me in the right direction. After the morning’s conversation, it sounds like I need to do some research on my own! I always assumed because I was using a large provider they were giving me the most up to datetechnology. Little did I know that there are other options available and maybe even at a lower cost.

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Moving Here

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

When we moved here we got Direct TV youngstown thinking it would be enough to keep the kids occupied. Boy were we wrong! In this day and age everyone needs a smartphone and all kids of other things to keep themselves busy and as it turns out my kids are no different. I thought I’d raised them in a way that they’d read and get more done by themselves but nope, they’re just as interested in being on the Facebook and playing Angry Birds as they are doing their homework which is not all that great if you ask me. I love them to death but something’s gotta give otherwise I don’t know what I’m going to do about them. My kids are really nutty about all things with screens and not only is it not good for their social development if you ask me, it’s really expensive, too! I can’t afford to be buying them new gadgets every month and they all break so darn easily. They’re not for kids, after all!


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Thanks to Roman May

One of my absolute favorite experiences that I’ve had as an adult has been flipping a house. I purchased a home as an investment piece in addition to the home I already own in hopes of being able to flip it, rent it out, and then re-sell after several years at the increased value price. This could not have gone better. I actually took off a year from my job as a recruiter to engage myself in this project. I did a lot of the work myself, and I have to say that the house looks amazing. It was in an area that a lot of people were doing the same thing I was doing, and so the neighborhood is now pretty up-and-coming. I wanted to make sure that whoever my renters were felt safe, and so I checked out HTTP://WWW.AllHomeSecurity.Com. In the end, I actually loved the house so much that I sold my other place and moved in to my ‘flipped’ house. I recommend this to anyone searching for a profitable adventure!

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