Shooting and Pictorial | John Prats

I got the feeling of nostalgia seeing a very familiar place that had been part of my childhood.  The picture below is a Philippine celebrity John Prats.  I may not young anymore but I still enjoy watching this guy rock the dance floor.
Anyway, I was looking at the pictures at our old neighbors in bukidnon and surprised to see celebrity in the land where we grew up. Yes Libona Bukidnon was out home and birth town.  The pineapple field behind was the source of income to most people living in this place.
The kid with John Prats was used to be the little baby that my sister and I borrowed from our neighbor’s closest friend.
This lady was our very good friend.  She was a few years older than me but we grew up being close to each other.  Her younger sister was my age and most of the time we hanged out at their place.

I researched online what is the shooting for and I found out it was the story about these two siblings who joined the Pinoy Got Talent.  Their story inspired so many kids that despite of your life situation you still have opportunity to pursue your dream.  These two siblings took their chances on Pinoy Got Talents and won second prize on the grand finals.  I haven’t seen on YouTube the episode in MMK  (HaPPy FeeT) featuring John Prats and Ariel Rivera.  Hope to see the movie soon.

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