Mom is too demanding

Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

I just bought my first house, against my mother’s better judgment. She probably told me twenty times that I was making a mistake. I appreciate her looking out for me, but once is enough. I understood the first time that she didn’t want me to buy the house. I didn’t need her telling me every day that it was a bad idea. Even though I was irritated that she wouldn’t drop it, I decided to ask her to help me move in. I figured the decision was already made, so I should try to include her. Well, she was not of much help. Every opinion she had was more like a demand. She wanted me to get satellite television, then she wanted me to Get Reliant Energy and last she demanded I install an alarm. I don’t think she understood that I wanted advice and not commands. While I nodded my head and agreed, I have no intention of listening to her. I guess I will just do my own research and make my own decisions.

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