Etsy Addict

I appreciate the guest post, Marian Combs

I like getting mail just as much as the next person. Well, maybe more. I have an addiction to Etsy and find myself ordering items for our house, jewelry, fabric, key chains, baby bows, pacifier clips, and vintage buttons almost every day. If Jake kept track of the finances, he’d probably kill me. So, as always, I check the mail yesterday at 3:30 right when it comes. And, amid all the flyers, a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, a paper about TXU Energy information from Texas Electricity Provider and a few credit card offers, I open the most beautiful package of gold wire jewelry I’ve ever seen. This one lady, who I order from all the time, lives in India and hand-wraps gold wire around gemstones to make earrings, rings and necklaces. It’s almost ‘woven’ as if to make a nest that gently holds the stone in place. So, though J would seriously die if he knew how much I paid for that (fourth) purchase from her, I will proudly sport my new earrings tonight on our date night.

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