Edible Dresses

Edible Dress - Eggplant

A dress made entirely out of eggplant
Photo by: yeonju.me

How would you like to wear a stunning dress made out of eggplant? After the part you can head home to your kitchen and have a delicious egg plant as food, best for your diet. It’s like you are what you eat or you wear what you eat rather. 😀

Shine.yahoo.com had posted 14 different fashion style of stunning dresses made out of edible material like vegetables and meat or shrimps published by Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff.

These edible dress was South Korean artist Sung Yeonju’s creations. Yeonju started her “Wearable Food” series two years ago using eveyrday edible items like eggplant, tomatoes, and bubblegum to create stunning dresses and corsets. View more edible dress.

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