In search for a Dentist

As much as possible, I don’t want to go out of our city to find the right Dentist for my kids. I still haven’t received a lot of feedback from my friends that I’m thinking maybe I should just physically go around and search for one. I think I may have exhausted all the options the internet has to offer but I know there might still be some dentists who are not listed online.

I wish I could just drive alone and type Find Dentist on my GPS but I guess it’ll take a couple more years to develop that kind of technology. In my search for the right one, I’m feeling so stressed out, but I know I will reap the benefits in the end when I see my kids comfortable going to their dentists.

It’s something that they can bring with them when they’re growing up, the confidence I mean, and something that they too can share when they have their own kids. Imagine if there weren’t any kids anymore who are scared of the dentist? It would be such a blast not hearing crying and shouting anymore, and that happens even before they sit on the chair. I really hope I find one real soon. I want to have their teeth checked before it’s too late.

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