Capri, Wedge and A Necklace

It’s my first time to gain so much weight and I am having difficult time losing it. I am still working on it but so far there is no any changes yet. All my pants, short and capri from last year won’t fit anymore. There were couple though that still fit if i forced them to wear. Meanwhile, spring is here and we are heading for summer of course. To prep myself from the warm weather I went shopping for a new capri short at 10DollarMall. I bought this Black Dress Capri with Zebra print Belt (black) for $9.99 and this Light Gray dress Capri for only $4.99. Very nice doesn’t it? I like it and it fits nicely.

I also included a new kick, Beige Canvass Wedge for less than 10 bucks. Six pairs of new socks did not cost me that much and this boyshort too which was out of stock but they replaced it with A gift – Silver Swarovski Necklace – Spider. Not bad! Now I am all set for warm weather.

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