Nikon D3100 DSLR

I posted before that DSLR camera is the first item in my wishlist. Well guess what? I finally got the chance to buy my dream camera with my blogging money. When it comes to technology and gadgets, DSLR camera is the latest and hottest trend and fashion.

This is just a sample. I do not know yet how to operate this baby. I just use the point and shoot features and it still came really good and clear. I’ll be studying my new toy and hopefull would learn all the coolest features a DSLR could offer. So, good luck to me.

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Need New Camera

I have like three digital camera right now and yet I’m longing to own a DSLR camera too for quality photography. It might take a long while before i would be able to achieve this gadget in my wish list. In the meantime, my sister been complaining about her broken camera. She cannot take new pictures because her camera broke when it got wet when one time they went to the beach. I told her to buy waterproof cameras instead of having it fixed. She said her friend’s boyfriend is a camera technician and she’s going to have him look at it if it is still fixable.

I want to give my other camera but the shipping would probably cost me a fortune. I pity my sister for not able to find a job because of his medical condition and age. That is why I’ve been helping her to establish a blog so she can earn a little amount of money from it and perhaps able to buy things she needs.

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