Hand-Me-Down Fashion and Boots

Brand New Hand Me Down Coat and Discounted Boots

I bought three pairs of boots this year. I haven’t wear one of them and out of these three pairs, the one in the picture was the one I’ve been wearing. Got it at Sears.com for less. They had a sale on boots and offers discount code as well. This pair of boots cost me less than $35 only. Isn’t it fabulous?

The red trench coat was brand new. It was a hand me down from my sister. It was a little too big on her and it did not pass on her husband’s taste. Her husband wanted her to give it to Goodwill but she refused because it’s a designer coat. So when we went to visit Las Vegas last summer she gave it to me. I like the color red but I don’t like wearing red shirt or blouse. How weird is that. With my dark skin complexion, I have a feeling that red makes me looks darker. Well, I accepted the red coat when my sister handed it over to me because it’s designer coat and I like red plus it fits on me. Last Sunday, I decided to try it on. We went to Conservatory to see Santa. As I was looking at the picture, I thought it’s not bad at all.

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Fashion Boots

Fall is the time of the year to show case your wardrobe. Mix and match your fashion clothing with amazing boots of different sizes. I have simple fashion sense and not much into trendy clothing as well. My sister is quite the opposite because she has the guts and confidence to wear clothing that is in fashion. With her skinny body build and size, she really do have what it takes to be like a model. If some people are worried about finding weight loss pills that work just to get in shape or at least in size 2 so they can wear skinny jeans. Well, my sister sister is different as she never gets fat even if she ate a lot. She wears size 6 1/2 shoes, size xs dress and jeans. She bought this fashion boots online at a very low price. That’s the good thing with being a petite person, you can buy cheap clothing and yet looks terrific on you.

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