Women’s Paraphernalia & Bathroom Essentials

Why women use a lot of bathroom essential? Simply because we are women and we have different parts of our body that need to get cleaned. This is what separate us from men and what makes us different from men as well. Feminine wash for our private part and facial wash for our sensitive skin especially the face. A conditioner and shampoo is a must to maintain the hair softness and shine. This is also important to keep the scalp from dryness as well as damage hair. After bath or shower, apply some lotion to the skin and body for moisturizer. Other product women use are soap scrub, body wash, cologne and perfume and more. Most men only have couple of essential that they use everyday like shampoo and soap. To those who shave everyday they probably have shaving cream and stuff. My husband shaves once or twice a month so he doesn’t need a shaving cream that often. How about you, what paraphernalia do you use everyday?

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