Hoo Rag – The Better Bandana!

Do you like wearing a Bandana? If you do, then you would want one or two of this seamless bandana from Hoo Rag and use it in any way you want. Hoo-Rag is a highly useful and dynamic tubular bandana and it’s a must-have item for all outdoors enthusiasts. It is also used by chefs and cooks all over the world.

I was excited when I received a sample of Hoo Rag bandana. I was thinking of giving it to my brother but then i realized that I need it for myself. This bandana is like a smaller version of sarong that I like to put in my head. If you like outdoor activity and you need something to cover your face, head and even to tie your hair, Hoo rag bandana is the perfect accessory you can have. That is why it is called a better bandana. It is elastic, flexible and easy to use. It can be worn a lot of different ways (refer to photo above & below).

Hoo Rag is way better than any bandana and it’s perfect for wearing in the kitchen and keeping your hair out of the way. There are about 30 different designs and colors to choose from and you sure will find something to match your style. If you are interested, you can visit their website at www.HooRag.com or call 888-831-9344 to order. Like Hoo Rag on Facebook to get updates of their latest activity and promotions. Thank you and Happy Holidays everyone!

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