Reversible Bag from Luvali & Tote Bag

When it comes to clothing, the more we got the better because we wear them everyday. We experience four season, so we need to buy clothing that is appropriate for every season’s weather. Men probably don’t care about other stuff that much as long as they have the couple or more pair of jeans, working shirt and boxers. But for women, a ten different style of dresses, short or whatevs are not enough. This includes shoes and bags. There was one time I complained and uttered in front of my husband, I said, I need new bag and shoes, his reaction was, what?! are you kidding me. What’s with the bag and shoes that you women should have to buy even if you have millions of them (figure of speech). hmm women!! tsk tsk

Nevertheless, I just want to share my new colorful and summery look bag. I did not buy these bags. The reversible bag was the prize that I won from joining online blog giveaway and the tote bag was a freebie from Daily’s. Pretty sweet eh! Last year i got four new bags. A dear friend sent me a designer bag as gift. Thank bayot. I also received free bag for writing product review. Meanwhile, this reversible bag from Luvali looks lovely and very sleek. It’s like a 3 in 1 bag. You can reverse it and have a new cover. If you choose to look business like then don’t put the cover on. I love this bag. Thanks to Mel for hosting the giveaway.

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A Girl and Her Bag

She is my Fashionista and Shoeholic equals FaShoeholic or FaShoenista. She is just so amazing and cute in showcasing her own fashion and the love of shoes.

This girl love bags too and he was using one as her comfort zone when we went to SR. He has problem with car motion and the big bag she was carrying, she hugged it so tight and arrived in grandma’s house without screaming or puking. She forgot her betty boop bag at grandmas so when we arrived there she went to look for it as it was filled with lollipops and candies.

Linking this entry to 58/366 Day Blog Photo Challenge.

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