11/366 Day Blog Photo Challenge | Moose Munch

This little moosey went to the market, this little moosey stayed home……but this little moosey went straight to the trash can.

Milk & Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Macadamia

Our little rugrats wasted all these delicious pop corn coated with chocolates. I thought they’re both exhausted from that long walk yesterday afternoon but apparently, I was the only one tired from that walk. Last night they were playing up in our room again. One of them came down stairs and showed to me those tiny white stuff that placed inside this container to keep it from getting moist. I knew right then and there that they did something bad to the whole pack of pop corn because I haven’t seen it on the table. I hurriedly went upstairs and saw the pop corn scattered all over Jake’s room. It was all over the carpet. arrgggghhh!!!

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