3 Men’s Fashion Accessory Essentials

When it comes to fashion accessories, the market is geared toward women. Women enjoy shopping for handbags, jewelry and shoes, and they enjoy receiving them as gifts, too. Even though the market is smaller for men, probably because most men do not want to be bothered with accessorizing their outfit, simple and easy-to-match pieces do exist. Men’s skinny ties, for example, are an accessory that should not be overlooked, and in some environments, required. Available in striped, patterned and solid colors, men can show their personality with this minimalist accessory on their business or casual attire.

Here are three more fashion accessories that are wardrobe essentials for men.


Now that the majority of the public owns a cell phone, and carries it everywhere they go, the necessity for a watch has dissipated. A watch is more than a method that shows the time; a watch is a statement. It is also an investment. The higher the quality, the more likely the wearer is disciplined and successful in his career. For the successful man who enjoys being a weekend warrior, quality water-resistant and sweat-proof watches are available for purchase, too.

Money Clip

While a wallet does a great job of keeping money, cards and other items organized, a money clip is a less bulky accessory that accomplishes the same task. Available in an array of materials, colors and textures, they can also be personalized. Money clips, therefore, double as thoughtful gift ideas. For the man in your life, you may pick a solid silver or gold money clip. You can also opt for one that consists of his favorite sports team’s logo. If you would like to take this gift a step further, you can take it to an engraver who can etch his name onto the clip.


Pants and other bottoms that fit well do not require a belt to keep them in place. To add a little something to an outfit, though, a belt will do without being overly flashy. From cowboys to business men, there is a belt style for all. Since a quality leather belt can last for years, it is an accessory that does not have to be purchased often.

Even though men may not enjoy acquiring fashion accessories as much as women, a quality watch, money clip and belt are simple pieces that round out a complete wardrobe.

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Great Attraction in New York City

There’s really no other city on the planet that can compare to New York. This high-energy island is one of the oldest cities in the United States, and it’s grown from the island that first housed the nation’s capital (before the founding of Washington, DC) into a major financial, art and cultural capital. The energy of New York can be felt just walking down the street, which is why so many people flock to this city every year to take in the fun and excitement of this bustling place.

A Talent Magnet

There’s no doubt that the vitality of New York has made it a magnet for talent of all kinds. The best in the world come to this city, from the worlds of finance, business, art, music and theater, and that’s one reason why this place has so much to offer.

The museum scene in Manhattan is world class, with centers like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art and The Whitney Museum all offering incredible sights for those who love classic works. The downtown gallery and live performance scene in Soho and Greenwich Village is also incredibly vibrant and exciting, with an energy that just never lets up.

Live Performance in New York

Those who want to see the best in live performances will not be disappointed with all that New York has to offer. This city offers incredible opera performances at the Met, as well as amazing shows on Broadway, with world class stars like Bette Midler currently setting audiences on fire in shows like “Hello, Dolly!”

The ny cabaret scene is another great attraction in New York. The cabaret scene here offers great musical and storytelling talent in smaller venues that allow audiences to enjoy a great show in a more intimate setting. Many of these shows are at cabarets that also offer food and drink along with the show, making these performances a very enjoyable night out on the town.

So, next time you are planning a trip to a place that offers the best of everything, make it a trip to New York City.

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Benefits of Working in the Jewelry Business

The people that choose to work in the jewelry industry find that there are many benefits. This is a rewarding job that offers many creative job duties. From sales to general managers, salaries in this lucrative field are impressive. Many smaller jewelry stores pay upwards of $40,000 for a sales position. Managers and their bosses can make even more. Creative people often enjoy the diverse opportunity that jewelry jobs bring. Those trained to cut gemstones or create original settings have the opportunity to make a hefty salary. Individuals that love jewelry should seriously consider employment in this fabulous industry.

With television and the Internet availability today, more people are connected to what happens around the globe. Those in the jewelry industry are often dismayed by reports of slave and/or child labor in warring countries with low employment options. Many jewelry stores and dealers are refusing to buy jewels from these sources. These ethically sourced jewelry pieces can help end the suffering of forced hard labor. If interested in working for moral jewelry companies, consider Brilliant Earth and other like minded jewelry businesses. It feels right to choose employment from reputable jewelry companies determined to stand up for human rights.

There are so many varieties of jewelry. This business allows more freedom of expression. Being around fantastic jewelry finds is wonderful. Many jewelry businesses offer nice discounts on jewelry that their employees can take advantage of. It makes sense for companies to have their employees wear their signature jewelry pieces. Customers can see how certain jewels look worn with various outfits. It is so rewarding to help others pick jewelry that suits their desires and appearance. This is an art field that requires attention to design and learning how to choose complimentary pieces.

Many employees who have switched their careers to the jewelry industry are glad that they did. Having a job that is relaxed and enjoyable makes life so much better. In addition, there are many opportunities to move up in this business. Learning from experts can lead to higher paying jobs and even your own personal jewelry business someday. It is amazing to see how jewelers design their original creations. No two jewelers pieces are ever exactly the same. The creativity potential in the jewelry business is huge. It is no wonder that many are looking into this fantastic employment option.

There are many jobs that those in the jewelry and gemstone business can do. It pays to look into what is available these days. People wanting to be involved in the finding or selling part can find exciting career opportunities that can take them to exotic locations. Some entrepreneurs have opened jewelry consulting businesses. This is a unique opportunity to work with people that need help choosing appropriate jewels. Some smaller shops cater to wealthy and famous clients. Whatever the job, working with jewelry has so many benefits and career possibilities. Whether someone’s job position is selling stunning Brilliant Earth Rings, or helping to determine the store’s future inventory choices, a career in jewelry sales, design, business and more is something to check out.

Jewelry will continue to be desired by individuals around the world. This lucrative business is expanding every year. Working with beautiful jewelry pieces is simply incredible.

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Fashionable Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you may be wondering what you can possibly buy for all those people on your gift list. Consider making it a fashionable Christmas for all your friends and family. It is easy to find stylish gifts that anyone would appreciate, even if you aren’t sure of their exact tastes in clothing. The trick is to shop for accessory pieces that will suit any wardrobe.

The Men in Your Life

Men can be hard to shop for, especially when it comes to fashion. Accessory pieces allow you to give them a stylish gift that can be worked into any masculine wardrobe. If the person you are shopping for wears suits often, your options are limitless. Cuff links and tie clips are elegant while neck ties are a classic Holiday present. Belt buckles for men are ideal for the more casual recipient. You’ll find several to pick from at your local men’s shop or online from retailers like GavereLeather.net.

Gifts to Suit any Women

Women can be tricky to buy for if you are not sure what styles they prefer, but you’ll never go wrong with jewelry. You can purchase keepsake pieces at your local jewelers or simply choose trendy costume jewelry for a more affordable and fun gift. If you are not sure what they enjoy, try one of the modern necklaces that combine silver and gold together in one dramatic piece.

Children’s Styles

Shopping for a baby is always fun and easy. You’ll discover a wide range of baby outfits with coordinating blankets, hats, and other accessories. Preschool children love hats, scarves, and mittens that sport their favorite super hero or cartoon character. Teenagers can be a bit trickier to shop for, but don’t despair. Ask for help when browsing through the trendy shops geared towards teens or simply tuck a gift card in with a pair of warm gloves.

Purchasing accessory items is a great way to give everyone on your list a fashionable gift that they are sure to love. Jewelry, belts, and outer wear pieces can be bought without knowing the recipients exact size or personal tastes, and they will be sure to enjoy their gift for years to come.

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Fighting Brain Cancer

Local news Santa Monica has published the fact that Providence Saint John’s Health Center has researchers who are studying and investigating the virus of a largely eradicated disease: polio. That virus is the latest weapon in the ongoing fight against gliobastoma, which is the most aggressive cancer that begins in the brain. Signs and symptoms may include nausea, headaches, personality changes, and the symptoms that are similar to a stroke.

Various viruses are being studied by Oncologist Dr. Santosh Kesari together with his colleagues in this fight against glioblastoma, which is often resistant to conventional treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy. He states that this is an engineered virus and it is not the normal virus that causes polio. He notes that others are also doing research and clinical trials on the polio virus around the country, and this particular research is now in phase two clinical trials.

Dr. Kesari goes on to say that other viruses that are used in fighting cancer are different. The polio virus causes inflammation, which revs up a person’s immune system that is not as efficient at the task of clearing cells that can form cancer as we age. When these particular viruses are injected, they reset the immune system and make the system recognize the tumor cells. Each glioblastoma has bio markers that are different, so the polio virus might not be a solution for every case, but it is one of dozens of important viral treatments that are underway.

Providence Saint John’s Health Center, a 266-bed hospital that is nationally-renowned, continues its world-class tradition established in 1942 to provide breakthrough medicine in an inspired and compassionate healing environment. It has a well-earned reputation for award-winning care and clinical excellence using the latest in diagnostic technology. It is also the home of the John Wayne Cancer Institute, which is dedicated to medical advancements, clinical research, and trials in cancer care.

Providence Saint John’s has continually achieved distinguished awards, multiple acclamations, and top ratings for its clinical excellence and its patient safety by the leading accreditation organizations.

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Take Your Look From Average To Awesome With These Top Notch Beauty Tips

If you’re looking for top notch beauty tips that will take your aesthetic appeal from unexceptional to incredible, this is the place for you. Read on to learn about relatively simple, straightforward beauty strategies that can give you greater confidence in the skin you’re in:

1. Start Buying Your Hair Products Online.

If you’re serious about looking your best, hair care is not optional. Rather, it is a must. To keep your hair in great condition, consider the value of buying your hair care products via internet. This process can prevent you from experiencing moments of frustration like standing in long check-out lines or dealing with heinous traffic. If you’re in need of straight request hair care products, note that you can obtain them from companies such as Knight’s Beauty Supply.

2. Drink More H20.

In addition to buying your hair products online, make sure that you tap into the power of drinking more water. This technique will help you avoid unwanted aesthetic outcomes such as extremely dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and more. One of the easiest ways to get more H20 in your life is by consuming juicy fruits such as apples and watermelon. Drinking more water is easy, too. Simply place a big water bottle in your knapsack or purse before you leave your home or apartment. Also note that eliminating diuretics from your diet can prevent you from losing the H20 that you’re taking in each day!

3. Put Your Best Face Forward.

One final strategy that can really take your look from ok to incredible is putting your best face forward. This technique is helpful because the skin of your face is generally the region of the body that you and other people see the most frequently. As such, you want to ensure that it looks absolutely amazing. Luckily, taking great care of your face can be relatively simple. One strategy you may find useful is implementing night time skin care strategies like placing make-up remover towelettes by your bedside. This technique will ensure that you’re not sleeping in your cosmetics, a factor which can contribute to unwanted breakouts as well as puffy skin. Another skin care strategy that many people find helpful is obtaining a monthly facial massage. This technique ensures that more blood is flowing to your face, thereby contributing to more youthful, glowing skin.

Implement These Beauty Tips Now!

If the idea of getting gorgeous gets you excited, don’t procrastinate when it comes to implementing beauty optimization techniques that will make you look incredible. Instead, start using some of the tips outlined in this article so you’ll start looking absolutely amazing when you step out of the house in the morning!

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5 Things to Remember When Coaching a Youth Team

Coaching a children’s athletic team is one way that adults can give back to their communities while having a positive impact on the future. However, there are several factors that adults should consider before agreeing to lead the children to victory.

Parents, Umpires and Referees

Regardless of the sport that an adult is coaching, they must remember that parents will occasionally argue with not just the coach, but with the umpire or referee of the game being played. Coaches should be prepared to deal with parents who disagree with their coaching philosophy or calls on the field or court.

Administrative Details Matter

Whether keeping the roster, ensuring that every child has permission to play or selecting the best baseball t-shirts are on a coach’s list of duties that he or she would prefer to avoid, the fact remains that administrative details must be dealt with. Though they have little to do with the game, these tasks are one of the most important parts of coaching.

Criminal Background Checks are Required

Most schools, churches and community-funded coaching opportunities require the coach, as well as his or her assistants, to undergo a criminal background check. This important feature is an excellent way to protect children, and it allows the coach to build trust and confidence in those who assist on the field or court.

Keeping it Fair for Everyone

While some youth teams focus strongly on the competitive nature of a sport, youngsters are typically still learning the basics when they play on a kids’ team. Make practices fun and memorable while instilling the basics of the game, and ensure that every participant has an equal opportunity to play in games or matches.

Consider the Kids’ Input

When negotiable matters come up for the team, letting the kids have some input into the decision-making process is a good way to make the players feel respected and heard. After all, it is their team, and they should be able to have a say in what happens, assuming that the decision is age-appropriate.

Make it a Positive Experience

Regardless of the sport being coached, both practices and games are a good chance for kids and adults to learn while having fun and making a difference in one another’s lives. Future coaches may want to ask around at their child’s school to locate a coaching opportunity.

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