AprilTex Compression Support Socks

This is not a sponsored post. I received the product as complimentary for heavy discount.

First thing we look into when we are looking for a right fit of sock is comfort and price, am I right? Sometimes, we consider the brand but we still prefer the kind of socks that we grew up wearing and find it comfortable. That sort of mentality has to change if you would want a comfortable socks and at the same time provide great support in all most of your daily activity. Let me introduced to you my valued readers this quality brand of socks called AprilTex Compression Support Socks, anatomically designed spandex-yarn cone structure, socks that significantly offer ideal comfort & support pressure. Made of top quality fabric that does not lose tension even after extended use! With 60% Natural combed cotton, it’ll snuggly fit on your leg from your calf, ankle and toes. AprilTex Premier Compression Support Sock, boosts blood circulation & relieves leg muscle pain & swelling, and are THE CHOICE for faster recovery after any athletic or daily activities. AprilTex compression socks are perfect for Pregnancy, Travel, Flights, Nurses, Athletes & any daily activity. That pain that you experience at some point, not to mention those unsightly Varicose Veins and especially during cold season then AprilTex compression socks will be of great help to relieve leg and foot pain and control Varicose Veins!

AprilTex compression socks aren’t just for pain and swelling, but make excellent athletic gear as well. From running to Cross Fit and aerobics, they’ve got the pro grade quality you need to keep soreness at bay and the blood pumping at peak capacity. Every pair of socks sell is back with an unbeatable LIFETIME GUARANTEE! If for any reason, AprilTex socks just aren’t for you, feel free to send them back for a full refund or replacement. So, the next time you buy a quality socks, consider the comforts and health value it supports. After all, AprilTex’s Compression Support Socks bring you the compression quality you expect, with a multi-fabric blend that supplies serious comfort and improved circulation to help get rid of leg pain due to exercise or just overall poor circulation!

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Airport Fashion & Traveling with Style

It takes planning, research, timing and budgeting when you travel. Make a plan about the place you want to go, the transportation and hotel reservation so everything goes smoothly. With all these being planned, make sure to stick on a budget that covers all the expenses otherwise you’ll drain your wallet and come home broke. Do your assignment first like search online for cheaper deals on airline tickets and airfares before you book your travel reservation and everything. I’m sure you will find great offers and deals on airlines ticket and airfares. Check anytime on saudi airlines online booking if you travel internationally. Timing is everything in booking for a plane ticket and reservations. I have read an article online based on a common experiences from people who travels a lot. That the prices of airline ticket and airfare changes as they sometimes go up based on similar searches within a defined period. If you often search multiple times the price jumps and when that happens, try to wait about 8 hours and the prices will come down. This happened to us too when we booked a ticket for our upcoming trip to the Philippines. The best practice is book your ticket the earliest possible and travel with style just like this little kid in the picture below. Well, this kid had been traveling since he was still an infant and now he is old enough to even fly by himself. His mom or dad will just picked him up at the airport and he uses the non-revenue ticket.

What do you like best when traveling?

I love to travel and it has been my passion to visit different places. Unfortunately, this path in life was never became mine and even though I chose to be a stay-at-home mom and full time wife and homemaker, I am still grateful of what I have. I am happy that my family still able to make family trips and vacation. Experiencing different culture and be around at different places are some of the best thing a traveler can do. It is also interesting to visit different airports and make comparison. I also envy this celebrity that come and go at the airport like it’s their fashion runway. We all have reasons and purpose why we travel. It may be for family vacation, business trip, recreation or excursion or part of the job just like most celebrity.

Obviously, when it comes to fashion and trend, Lady Gaga always standout and catches people’s attention. I was browsing online and came across this website Vogue where I found a few photos of celebrity in the airport fashion.

Lady Gaga, in a dramatic monochrome outfit, waves as she walks across the tarmac after arriving by private jet at Sydney Airport.
Wearing the T-shirt she designed to aid Vogue Japan’s earthquake appeal teamed with a skirt and lace tights, Lady Gaga greeted fans at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo.
These heel-less boots proved too much for Lady Gaga – they caused her to famously trip and fall at Heathrow when she wore them.
Prince William and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge – wearing slim grey dress by Catherine Walker – stepped off of the plane in Montreal, showing that airport style can still be smart.
Rachel Bilson chose Breton stripes, a classic blazer, Ray-Bans and a straw hat to depart Los Angeles airport.
Anne Hathaway was channelling the dolce vita as she arrived in Venice wearing a belted sundress and oversized sunglasses with a straw basket.
Kylie Minogue demonstrates airport style in the Eighties at Heathrow.

As for regular people like us, we travel with out own comfortable airport fashion.

Note; Sorry for the Picture overload. The pictures of celebrity above in their Airport fashion or runway were old photos.

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Hoo Rag – The Better Bandana!

Do you like wearing a Bandana? If you do, then you would want one or two of this seamless bandana from Hoo Rag and use it in any way you want. Hoo-Rag is a highly useful and dynamic tubular bandana and it’s a must-have item for all outdoors enthusiasts. It is also used by chefs and cooks all over the world.

I was excited when I received a sample of Hoo Rag bandana. I was thinking of giving it to my brother but then i realized that I need it for myself. This bandana is like a smaller version of sarong that I like to put in my head. If you like outdoor activity and you need something to cover your face, head and even to tie your hair, Hoo rag bandana is the perfect accessory you can have. That is why it is called a better bandana. It is elastic, flexible and easy to use. It can be worn a lot of different ways (refer to photo above & below).

Hoo Rag is way better than any bandana and it’s perfect for wearing in the kitchen and keeping your hair out of the way. There are about 30 different designs and colors to choose from and you sure will find something to match your style. If you are interested, you can visit their website at www.HooRag.com or call 888-831-9344 to order. Like Hoo Rag on Facebook to get updates of their latest activity and promotions. Thank you and Happy Holidays everyone!

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OOFOS Footwear – feel the OO!

Don’t you love lounging around the beach, in the park and in your house with a comfortable pair of sandals? Walking along the street or in the mall with a lightweight and flexible pair of shoes. Albeit you do. Comfort is the first thing we look into when buying a shoes. We want a pair of shoes that make us feel great, comfortable and safe. Well, OOFOS have created an extraordinary shoes. I was happy and lucky to received a pair of shoes from OOFOS. It was by far the best shoes I’ve ever wear. It feels soft and safe because of the foam sole. I like wearing sandal, flats, and flippers. For me they’re better than heels and I can move comfortably with it. So, if you are in the market of finding a pair of shoes that makes you feet relaxed and able to breath or move freely then OOFOS shoes is what you need, it ‘Make YOO Feel Better’!

Experience a revolutionary brand of footwear powered by an innovative, visionary and cutting-edge proprietary material called OOfoam. The OOfoam technology helps recharge and rejuvenate your feet because of the cushion. Absorbs shock to lessen pain and reduces fatigue and restores vigor. Test results show OOfoam is 37% more impact absorbing than any existing EVA, the most common material found in footwear. OOfoam technology gives instant comfort, ultimate recovery, absorbs impact, flexible, lightweight, durable and machine washable. These are just few of the reason why you would want to buy shoes from OOFOS. So, “feel the OO!” by wearing one of OOFOS uniquely designed footwear. It is available for men and women. There are four different colors to choose from such as fuschia, tangerine, mocha or black with whole sizes from 4-11 for women and 7-14 for men. OOFOS footwear is available in two different style – the OOriginal thong and Slide. This will make a great gift ideas since Holiday is approaching. Step into comfort with OOFOS!

Visit their website for more information and to see local retailers in your area. I would also like to encourage you to Like and follow OOFOS on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get updated with the latest product and promotion.

Visit iGossip, iBlog to enter the Giveaway.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review and giveaway. The above review expresses my honest opinion regarding the product samples I received for free from OOFOS. E! Fashion Talk is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.
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Good Sam has it all

A lot of family is dreaming to own a RV however, only a few can afford to own and maintain one. There are so many things need to consider before buying a RV. You have to see to it that you can afford a RV insurance which you can get it by the way at Good Sam for very affordable rate. If you also want a RV but do not have enough cash to buy it then rv loans at Good Sam is the answer to your problem. It will make your dream to own a RV come true. Good Sam offers different services to RV owners. You can visit their website and perhaps become a member to enjoy the benefits and special offer.

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Pose with Finesse

Do you feel awkward posing in public places? Don’t be, if you got the curve and body to show off. It’s just a matter of guts and self confidence. The picture was taken late afternoon having the twilight as the only witness of your existence.   Make a dramatic pose with confident makes a stunning silhouette.

Taken at one of the beach resort in Mexico during sissy’s trip last summer.

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Girl Talks: Memorable Summer Getaway

Yay! It’s May already which means summer is coming. Well in the Philippines, summer already kicked in. Girls Talk topic this month was already out and memorable summer would be the first on the list. My life back home is quite opposite with my life here in the US when it comes to outdoor activity. That is why I’m glad I was able to explore Boracay before I decided to enter the world of lifetime prison hehe, just kiding.

2006 Boracay Vacay

Wearing swimsuit is not my cup of tea but when you’re in Boracay no one cares about your flaws and body defect in other words faaatsss. lol. This was the first time I showed off my intangible body. Well no one cares if the belly was bigger than the boobs which is looked like a dots :rotfl:
New York City 2010

Last summer we went to New York, the city that never sleeps but people does sleep hehe. We never got the chance to tour around the place but we had great time exploring the central park and some few places in Manhattan. I wish to go back there again one day.
Las Vegas 2008

The trip to Las Vegas was a big help for me and my marriage. My husband is one boring person who prefers to stay home all day and take a snoozed all the time. That trip was free of course courtesy of my sister’s hubby who is a pilot in South West airlines. I have so many memorable getaway when I was single. I look forward for a fun getaway this coming summer.

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