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It is not new to us how much electronic people enjoy these days. This shows that technology evolve and there will be more new things in the future. Electronic comes in fashion and its own style, brand and features for everyone to explore. The beautiful thing with it is not only you can buy it in any electronics store near you, but you can also buy almost every kind, new or old models online in good quality guaranteed. So, if you, your kids or anybody close to you are into music, then try checking out online the kind of electronic device you nee. You can find computer, or any home electronics online at your convenience as well that offer good price and warranty. Electronics is also a great gift ideas for kids and adult alike.

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Onzie Active Apparel Review

Show Your Inner Onzie Goddess


People today are taking the initiative to be active and physically fit. It’s about time to hit the gym and sweat it out. There are many ways to stay fit and active. You just have to find the right activity that is enjoyable and worthwhile. Being with your family and children as inspiration, weight loss goal, healthy lifestyle mission and a perfect active gear to motivate you from getting into any exercise program. Make your workout and yoga comfortable and fashionable with Onzie active gear.
exercise and onzie gear
I was fortunate to have given an opportunity by Onzie to try and wear couple of their active apparel collection. Onzie gear is made with the top quality material as it is made in USA. The designs are unique, fun and sexy. When doing yoga, it is appropriate to wear a comfortable active gear that fit snuggly and safely. Onzie gear do not only promote active wear that match every wearers comfort expectations, as it is also showcasing its fitness fashion, colorful style, lively prints, creative design and pattern. Comes with variety of option (soft dressing, bottoms, tops, one-pieces, mens etc.) to choose from in order to fit and match perfectly with your style and personality. Sometimes you need to get out in workout and yoga zone. Connect with nature and enjoy the outdoor exercise. This is the reason why I picked the Hoodie and Gypsy Pant so I can workout everywhere with confidence. Shows the light and inspiration of your inner goddess wearing Onzie.

Gypsy Pant

This will be your favorite pant! Made from our free flow jersey fabric a super light and yummy feeling fabric. Baggy leg pant moves freely and will glide with your movement. Waist and hip has a roll down comfortable waistband. See our Size Guide for more information. Available sizes: S/M, M/L

100% Free Flow Jersey
Hand or machine wash cold
Tumble or hang dry
Made in USA


Onzie yoga gear is perfect for hot yoga, but can also be used for pilates, spinning, swimming, surfing, running or hooping. Our clothes can be worn as everyday wear or into chlorine and salt water environments. You can transition in and out of yoga postures as seamlessly as you can the rest of your day. From straps to bottom, Onzie helps keep your body in check. You’ll feel supported from the inside and out…shaping the entire body. So embrace the awareness of your being, sense your core, and feel secure. Focus on your strength and beauty. And for goodness sake, forget about those so-called flaws. You’re perfectly you.

Yoga is one of the popular exercise that most women and some men find pleasurable, rejuvenating, and of course healthy in many aspect of our being. Yoga is a generic term for the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace. Si, if you are in the market of looking for Yoga active wear then look no further than Onzie’s product line have been recognized by different Fitness Magazine, Women’s Magazine and the likes. In September 2012 – Criss Cross Bra Top in Fuchsia was featured on the cover of LA Yoga Magazine.

Onzie was founded in 2010. Developed by a 20 year Bikram Yoga veteran, Onzie blends the best of traditional yoga wear with modern innovation and a touch of whimsy. You’ll stay comfortable, cool and fully supported, in and out of motion. Active apparel that is functional, flexible and flattering. It is affordably-priced and suitable for all activities and practices. Onzie gear is made to sweat! 100% made in the USA. Pronounced Own-Zee.Onzie.

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Comfortable Footwear by Therafit Shoe Review


Therafit ShoesIs it Fall yet? We still have couple of days to go and Autumn or fall will officially kick in. Summer may be over soon but you can still wear sandal or whatever footwear you may find comfortable. But of course dress appropriately for the season as it is getting windy and chilly outside. A pair of Carly Orange Sandal with a mix of neutral tone-on-tones will sure match your summer outfit or any outdoor as you wish comfortably. The coral-orange leather comes in color inspired by nature with floral accent that is perfect year round sandal. A sandal that gives comfort and yet chic and trendy. We use our feet everyday and it should be right to wear comfortable footwear that is beneficial to our health. I am talking about Therafit Shoe, your one stop shop for comfortable Sandals, Athletic Shoes, Uniform Shoes, Walking Shoes and Sneakers. I am fortunate to received and tried one of their summer sandal in exchange for my honest review and opinion. Inside the box included a beautifully wrapped box of Therafitshoe sandal, tote bag and a discount coupon. All thanks to Therafit Shoe.

Therafit’s summer sandals are the hottest trend in comfort chic! Featuring Therafit’s patented Personal Comfort System, providing the same cushioned comfort you have come to expect from Therafit Footwear, but in a cute sporty sandal. With 86 reflexology nodules built into each footbed, and a deep heel cup for support, Therafit comfortable sandals for women will keep you styling in comfort through all your summer activities. As a matter of fact, you can wear the Therafit sandal all year round except of course when it’s snowing. I have been wearing this sandal when I bring the kids to school and pick them up. Their school is just a walking distance from our house and this sandal is what I need. The cushion provides comfort and support with adjustable personal comfort adapter for total protection. As we get older our body changes and we need a good footwear for support.

Let us be practical in choosing the right shoes that is not only comfortable but also fashionable, durable and flexible.

What makes Therafit Shoe (Carly Orange Sandal) different from other brand of shoes?

~ Featuring Therafit’s patented Personal Comfort System, you can personally adjust the cushioning in the heel area as you wear it day or night by removing one or more of the three comfort adapters in the heel area with an easy twist.

~ The Carly leather sandal features a foot-bed with 86 reflexology nodules that provide gentle stimulation on key acupressure points on the sole of the foot.

~ This sandal also comes with a contoured, shock-absorbing midsole featuring an arch support and deep heel-cup, providing stability and comfort. The sole of the shoes are design to hold onto the ground and prevent you from slipping, out of balance or sliding.

~ The Carly coral-orange sandal will be your go-to sandal for work or play all summer long! You can just slip it on your foot conveniently and easily.

~ Therafit’s Patented and Accredited Technology for Women’s Shoes – helps all women take that first step into a healthier lifestyle.

Visit their website today and find the perfect shoes for you that you may find useful this season. It has amazing features and technologically made for comfort and good support.

Season change, the weather is changing too and apparently most of the things around us changes including shoes and clothes. When it comes to fashion and style, shoes play a huge part to complete the whole package or looks. Now here comes the shoes that provide relief and comfort at the same time look chic, trendy like this Carly Orange Sandal. Therafit Shoe is built on four key ideals: Comfort, Customer, Charity and Community. The motto is: “Make Your Whole Body Happy!” Start with your feet. Browse their website and peruse to earn more healthful information about Therafit Shoe.

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Therafit Shoe love the idea of giving so much so here is a 10% OFF if you shop today. Use promo code; BAPSW142 at Offer expires 12/31/2013. Discount applies to regular priced items only. Great gift ideas that you can give to your friends and family. Perfect timing for coming holiday. Shop early and save!

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Where to get your First Tattoo Gun

When I was new to LA, I wanted to find a tattoo shop because I’m a tattoo addict. Got every one of them over myself and always trying to find more. Then it struck me, instead of sorting through each of the tattoo shops in LA, I ought to just learn how to tattoo myself. I’ve always aspired to be an artist and this was time. I got some books and a few lessons from guys I met while entering their shop, then I had to find a very good tattoo supply store to have my practice skins, inks, and naturally tattoo gun kits. I found doing this stuff easily accessible at Then came my career to become an artist, and also working hard in internet marketing. I worked about 8-10 hours a day each day to start with, trying to go zero to sixty as quickly as I could. Think Porsche, not Honda. So after in regards to a month I truly felt quite proficient at the art and began planning my first tattoo for myself. But my friends caught wind therefore i was soon being asked to do some art in it because I hands them a price reduction as I was only building up my portfolio. It was obviously a mutually beneficial scenario, and today I’ve got a ton of work being released because I’ve gotten quite good. Gotta say I’m real good now. And to consider it all started with a dream of having yet another new tattoo, and surviving in a new place, and seeking to do something new and fascinating in this thing called life. Only buy one of them, in fact. Now I’m one of the most highly regarded tattoo artists within the entire world, maybe even the galaxy. According to my mother.

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OOFOS Footwear – feel the OO!

Don’t you love lounging around the beach, in the park and in your house with a comfortable pair of sandals? Walking along the street or in the mall with a lightweight and flexible pair of shoes. Albeit you do. Comfort is the first thing we look into when buying a shoes. We want a pair of shoes that make us feel great, comfortable and safe. Well, OOFOS have created an extraordinary shoes. I was happy and lucky to received a pair of shoes from OOFOS. It was by far the best shoes I’ve ever wear. It feels soft and safe because of the foam sole. I like wearing sandal, flats, and flippers. For me they’re better than heels and I can move comfortably with it. So, if you are in the market of finding a pair of shoes that makes you feet relaxed and able to breath or move freely then OOFOS shoes is what you need, it ‘Make YOO Feel Better’!

Experience a revolutionary brand of footwear powered by an innovative, visionary and cutting-edge proprietary material called OOfoam. The OOfoam technology helps recharge and rejuvenate your feet because of the cushion. Absorbs shock to lessen pain and reduces fatigue and restores vigor. Test results show OOfoam is 37% more impact absorbing than any existing EVA, the most common material found in footwear. OOfoam technology gives instant comfort, ultimate recovery, absorbs impact, flexible, lightweight, durable and machine washable. These are just few of the reason why you would want to buy shoes from OOFOS. So, “feel the OO!” by wearing one of OOFOS uniquely designed footwear. It is available for men and women. There are four different colors to choose from such as fuschia, tangerine, mocha or black with whole sizes from 4-11 for women and 7-14 for men. OOFOS footwear is available in two different style – the OOriginal thong and Slide. This will make a great gift ideas since Holiday is approaching. Step into comfort with OOFOS!

Visit their website for more information and to see local retailers in your area. I would also like to encourage you to Like and follow OOFOS on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get updated with the latest product and promotion.

Visit iGossip, iBlog to enter the Giveaway.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review and giveaway. The above review expresses my honest opinion regarding the product samples I received for free from OOFOS. E! Fashion Talk is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.
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Fashionable Eyeglasses from Firmoo

Vision & Fashion the Frugal Way by Firmoo

What’s your reason in wearing eyeglasses? Perhaps, it’s for eye health care which is commonly the reason why most people opted to wear eyeglasses. However, there’s contact lens as an option but it probably too expensive for other people. If you are looking for inexpensive eyeglasses then you would want to check out Firmoo. The great place to buy prescription eyeglasses online, reading glasses, cheap eyewear frame that is fashionable, classic and definitely elegant.

A pair of eyeglasses change ones look and appearance. This is how I felt when I got a free fashionable eyeglasses from Firmoo. You can get a Free Eyeglasses too by visiting their website. Thanks to Firmoo for giving me this opportunity to try one of their fashionable eyeglasses and play around with my looks. I have no problem with my eye sight however my curiosity got into me and thought how would I look like if I’m wearing a pair of fashionable, stylish, and high quality eyeglasses. Clearly, my reason for wearing glasses is for fashion and I would say they really do have good quality prescription eyeglasses.
Fashionable eyeglasses

Firmoo have beautiful, fashionable and designer eyeglasses that every young individual would like to wear and be look attractive and elegant. They have designer glasses, RX sunglasses and eyeglasses designed for men and women. In addition, a unisex full frame acetate glasses and high quality frame to choose from would make a signature.

Three important reasons why you should try out Firmoo free glasses periodically.

Vision – An ideal pair of prescription glasses as a half medical tool to correct vision should be made up of a quality frame and lenses with accurate prescription.
Fashion – Firmoo offers classic and fashion glasses frames for you to choose from. All of these frames which are quite popular in the world are elaborately picked by their staff from thousands of frames in the market.
Frugal way – Firmoo’s prescription eyeglasses are inexpensive thus everyone can afford it.

Firmoo offers Virtual Try-On System and you can even try on with your own photos to find the perfect match glasses. It is the World’s Most Popular Online Eyeglass Store where you can buy RX Eyewear from $8.00. You can also try the first pair for Free. With high quality products, lowest return and exchange rate among all online optical stores worldwide and to top it all excellent service, where else would you want to go?

Visit Firmoo for details and information:

Facebook Page: Like Firmoo Online Optical Store
Follow on Twitter: @Firmoo
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How would you like to have one of this sleek motorcycle?

C-1 ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE source Trendhunter

The C-1 Electric Motorcycle was created by Lit Motors, Inc. The C-1 has an enclosed frame, seats two and is balanced by gyroscopes. You don’t have to be afraid in riding a motorcycle and pursue your infatuation and dream to ride a motorcycle. Very trendy and high tech. Cool design too.

The C-1 Electric Motorcycle can hit a top speed of 120 mph and needs to be recharged after an impressive 200 miles. The bike seats two although the second person looks to be somewhat squished in the concept photos. Several gyroscopes placed on the underside of the vehicle would help balance it at stops and in the event of an accident. Lit Motors’ C-1 would also have H2V, H2C, V2I and V2V connectivity to provide drivers with real-time information on weather and traffic conditions.

Pretty sleek eh!

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