New mommy project

Our “mommy” group has a new project, it’s how to keep fit or lose pounds. A couple of moms started this on our Facebook group because they think that it will motivate more of us when we know that we’re not doing it alone.

I know it’s not easy to find plus size clothing back home. When I was still working there, that used to be the most common problem for my friends who’ve exceeded the “average” size. Most malls have limited choices and honestly, most of them don’t even flatter anymore.

Though because of technology, shopping for plus size jeans is much easier because even though the stores are in another country, my friends back home can just pay a little extra for shipping for clothes that know will really do good for them. Gone are the days that they only bought clothes because those were the only ones on hand. The world is now their mall and I’m so happy they’re enjoying shopping more now. But from what I heard, some of my friends have trimmed down a lot so I’m sure they’re no longer looking for plus sizes at the present.

I’m happy that our group started this project. Even though I’m not plus-sized yet, it can definitely help me just be fit and maintain my current weight and body. I know there’s a bigger chance of sticking to this program because I have friends who support me 24/4 throughout the world.

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Considering of Living in Hawaii

A friend of mine is very interested in living in Hawaii. She and her family have been there once and they immediately fell in love with the beautiful islands. I think her family is already so convinced of living there. One time she mentioned that she was looking for homes for sale in Hawaii. She also did so many researches about Hawaii as they are really considering of relocating there. I think they are quite serious in considering living there. I hear nothing but wonderful reviews from her.

With all her fuss and buzz of Hawaii, it made me think maybe it is really such a nice place. I have not been there and it is actually one of the many places I want to visit. I would really like my family to personally experience what the islands of Hawaii have in store for all her visitors and tourists. I have seen so many shows featuring Hawaii and heard a lot of good stories about it, and it seems that it is really quite enticing to visit and see the islands. It may not be my priority now but if given the chance, I would surely not miss an opportunity to visit Hawaii.

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Wakeboarding reunion weekend

Guest post written by Max Springer

Back in college, I really got into wakeboarding. One of my fraternity brothers’ family had a lake house about an hour or so away from campus so of course me and my friends spent quite a bit of time out on the lake there. That’s also when I learned how to wakeboard, which really became a major obsession of mine. But now that I dont’ have all those free weekends I rarely get to do it.

That’s what gave me the idea to get us all together again for a weekend at the lake. I was online looking up lake house rentals and while I was doing that I saw the site WWW.WIRELESSINTERNET.NET and signed up for an internet package off it afterward.

I did find whta I think will be a pretty nice lake house with enough room for all of us. Plus, one of my friends has his own boat that we’re going to use. I might even need another break from work after that to recover from all the fun we’re going to have!

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Inquiring and Favor

It was 2008 when my sister first visited me here in Pittsburgh. Since during that time we still live up in squirrel hill, it was the upper town of Pittsburgh and there are lots of stores. Most of the stores and shop in that street are sort of expensive. I think the kind of neighborhood affects the cost of living in the area. Most people live in that area has money so, some of the stores, restaurant and shops are a bit high price. Anyway, there was a shop of cigar along the street so my sister and I decided to make an inquiry if they have humidors. Indeed my sister able to buy one for her husband.

Couple of days ago she called me if I can go to that store to check if they still have that kind of humidors she bought. The place is like a mile away from where we live and I don’t drive. I could walk going there but I am too busy and aside from that I have two kids to watch too. I decline her favors as I am not certain if the store still operating some business. With the economic crisis, there are so many stores and shop right now that is not doing good business. I’ll take a look if I get the chance to go uptown.

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Is Slimming Belt Effective?

For some reason this kind of thing doesn’t work on me. I watched the video and they also tested this product on different women and it says it works. I used the product that I used online right away as soon i received it on the mail. The first couple of weeks i thought it work because I measure my waste from 29 inches it went down to 28 inches which mean I burnt some fat. The reason that I stopped using it because I get itch in my belly as it was too tight. I also don’t like it when I put it on and off as I feel like I was having a fight with the belt. It did not last a month because I stopped using this slimming belt. This I think wpuld work on someone who just give birth.

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