Review | OmniGreen (OG) Labs Dietary Fiber #omnigreenlabs

I received this product for free in exchange of my honest opinion. #omnigreenlabs

What goes in, must come out! Albeit you already knew what’s the meaning of this sentence. Life can be good, sometimes complicated and there are days difficult nonetheless. Some of us choose to live a life in a healthy manner and some just live their lives the way they want to, yet we still get stomach related problems. We overestimate our body and eat every thing we find delicious thinking that our body will takes care of the digestive system but what if your body’s machine can’t keep up of the food you consumed? Five years ago my sister had experienced such problem and his doctor told him to eat particular vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber along with the laxative as prescription. Since it was way too late when she went to the doctor, she indeed up getting a surgery. You see, when you take your body for granted you better be prepared for the consequences. In order to avoid such adversity, then start the cleansing process to get rid of the toxins inside your body. Perhaps you have your own healthy diet and ways to get proper nutrients, fiber and vitamins. Well, include OmniGreen (OG) Labs Dietary Fiber to your list of health source, to increase your daily fiber intake. Simply add it to you beverage and soft foods. You won’t even taste that you added fiber powder to your food. It is made with high quality standard, precise, effective and affordable. OmniGreen (OG) Labs Dietary Fiber is a dietary fiber powder made with wheat dextrin, same as benefiber and optifiber – it’s all natrual, same as benefiber; it dissolves completely in water, non-Thickening, sugar-free & flavor free, gluten not detected, same as benefiber.

OmniGreen (OG) Labs Dietary Fiber is a powder supplement manufactured by experienced professionals in healthcare related industries in US and in an FDA approved c-GMP Certified Facility. It’s guarantee that this products are up to the highest standard in the supplement industry and have superior quality. I have tried and currently using this product since yesterday when it arrived on the mail. It is exactly what they say in the product description. No artificial flavor added, sugar-free, and it dissolved quickly and completely in the water. It came with a fancy container packaging and label directions as well as nutritional value. You just have to try it to believe it. The additional product information might help you find the answers you are looking for, before buying the product.

About the Product

– All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no chemicals, no fillers, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors
– Dissolves completely in water, Non-Thickening, Sugar-Free & Flavor Free
– Made in US and in an FDA approved c-GMP Certified Facility.
– 4 gram of pure dietary fiber per serving, providing you 16% of daily fiber intake
– Every bottle of our product has gone through GMP complianced quality assurance process to ensure the quality of the product
– Highest Value in the market with only $0.15 per serving for 7.6 Oz (38 Servings) bottle ($0.11 per serving for future 190 servings package)
– Buy It: OmniGreen (OG) Labs Dietary Fiber on Amazon.

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#BodyByCBooth Review

The cold weather is upon us, so make sure you bundled yourself warmly when you go out. It is essential to give yourself extra care this winter not only your health but your body and skin as well. Get a flu shot first for health protection and to avoid getting sick this cold season. As the cold air hits and snow will soon come, it is inevitable to experience dry skin or worse skin irritations such as acne, breakout, and dry patches because of dry and cold climate. With that said, you will definitely need a skin moisturizer and lotion to avoid all these skin annoyances.

I am lucky and fortunate to be given a chance to try one of the best body and skin product today, the #BodyByCBooth. Through @Influenster C.Booth by Freeman sent me a coupon to redeemed one skin & body product by c.Booth. I decided to get the lotion with flavor Lemon Sugar. The scent is so pleasant, sweet and fruity. The texture is so smooth and soft. I have tried different brand of lotion and am still willing to try more. The cool thing with c.Booth, you get the best package with the amount of money you spent. The price is very reasonable and the 32 Fl Oz/ 946 mL size lotion is worth it and I’m sure it will last longer. The c.Booth skin and body product is simple, authentic, and trusted. Meanwhile, this Lemon Sugar is a 4-in-1 multi-action body lotion, meaning it moisturizes 4 things in 1 application.

1. Exfoliates. Malic Acid works tirelessly to remove ded skin cells and even out skin tone, helping sun-damaged areas look healthy and happy.
2. Hydrates. Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel and Shea Butter oils work in perfect harmony to hydrate thirsty skin.
3. Nourishes. Antioxidant vitamins and minerals valiantly fight off harsh environment forces that threaten skin health.
4. Firms. Caffeine wakes up less-than-taut skin, helping to firm and rejuvenate.

Apply daily for a burst of hydration, exfoliation, nourishing, and firming action that lasts all day and keeps skin looking radiant. A unique blend of Lemon Fruit, Oatmeal, Shea Butter and Caffeine combine with luxurious skin hydration for sleek, touchable skin all-over. You can use this body lotion all year round and indulge in a richer, creamier formula. You can find this product at your nearest CVS and store.

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

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Enjoying My #FrostyVoxBox

New year’s resolution is so over rated, thus this year I decided not to make one. I am just gonna try harder to change all the bad habit such as procrastination for one, laziness, and less TV watching. Procrastination is always getting in the way in finishing this task. Meanwhile, I never received any material presents this Christmas but thanks to Influenster for this awesome #FrostyVoxBox under my tree. So, without further ado, let’s open this baby so I can show them to you all. Here we go;

Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Gently removes all eye makeup, including long-lasting and waterproof makeup, with no oily residue.

I am not really into makeups but sometimes I do use eyeliner, press powder and lipsticks. The eyeliner I would say can be hard to remover. I’ve tried wipes and washing my face yet there’s still some left in my skin. Recently, I join in a dance troupe in our small Filipino community which sometimes need us to wear heavy makeups during the presentation. It’s a good thing I tried Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner
Gives instant colour impact with its high intensity pigments. The ultra-smooth and creamy formula glides on easily.

As I’ve said, I used eye liner occasionally. There are eyeliners that will take a while to leave the mark and sometimes it can cause teary eyes. Well, when I tried Kajal Eyeliner it glides easily and leaves the color you want. It’s creamy and smooth to use with darker pigments. You should try it and you can but it for $4.49 only.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum
Ready to take your lips to the next level? Try this NEW Expert Last Lip Color in twenty tantalizing shades. Get intense, amplified color and shine that lasts up to six hours! Our moisturizing formula glides on easily for a silky, smooth, velvety finish for all day wear.

Fruit Vines Bites

Fruit Vines Bites are a new, soft, chewy fruit candy, from the Red Vines family, available in two fruit flavors – strawberry and cherry. Low fat and made with no preservatives, Fruit Vines Bites are available in three sizes: a 2oz single serve, a 5oz hanging bag and a 10oz resealable stand-up bag and can be found at Walmart, Target, Safeway and Rite Aid for $1:28-$1.79.

Having to chew on is sometimes a good exercise to our jaw and mouth, but a tasty sweet chewy fruit to chew on in a boring day can be fun. It can ease the boredom and it’s a low fat and no preservatives which makes it better than any other hard chewable twistlers.

Celestial Seasoning Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea

Live life well this holiday season with Celestial Seasoning and take a stroll down Candy Cane Lane. It’s made with very finest green tea leaves, peppermint and other botanicals, because at Celestial Seasonings, we know you are what you steep.

It is nice sometimes to try different flavors in your tea. The minty and earthy flavor of Celestial Seasoning Tea taste refreshing. It’s 100% natural teas. Perfect for the holiday or any day you feel like it.

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Sachet
This clinically proven is even more effective at reducing the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, for younger looking skin in two weeks. Or you can try the No7 Protect & Perfect Advance Sachet for $22.99. This clinically proven serum is even more effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines for younger looking skin in just two weeks.

EcoTools Hair Brush
Having two or more hair brush or comb can never be too much. Our crowning glory is as important as the rest of our face. You can never say you have enough or too much hair brush. Find the right kind of hair brush or comb that makes your hair happy and pretty.

EcoTools hair brushes are designed with unique features that leave your head and hair happy and healthy. Long or short, straight or curly, EcoTools has the brush to tame any hairstyle with a variety of five brush head shapes and bristle designs specially crafted to suit every need. For $10.99 you can have a not only stylish and fancy hair brush but earth-friendly as well. For beautiful, healthy hair, should you try EcoTools styler+smoother hair brush which is ideal for all hair types. It is versatile brush tht does 3 jobs in one. Styles, smoothes, and gently detangles, while the comfort cushion and ball tips nurture hair and scalp.

McCormick Gourmet Thyme
For only $4.79, you can now have a this all natural, earthy spices to your favorite recipe. Versatile thyme adds it warm aromatic flavor to stews, soups, and roasted meats and poultry. Add to stuffing, vegetables, beans and jambalaya. Well, it did taste incredible when I added this thyme to my buttered shrimp.

McCormick Gourmet Thyme is the freshest flavors deserve a fresh new look! McCormick Gourmet’s Thyme imparts light minty flavor that is distinctively warm and aromatic. McCormick Gourmet Thyme can be used throughout the day in dishes such as breakfast casseroles, hearty soups, and more.

These are the goodies that came inside the #FrostyVoxBox from @Influenster and I am enjoying every bit of it.

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

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Nectar Sunglasses | Enjoy The Sweet #Swag Life

The weather may have been unpredictable this past week, and the clouds have looked gloomy. But, there is one thing that I am certain of, the sun will come out, so make sure you have your SWAG ready. Be cool, be awesome, be a trendsetter with a SWAG and find it only at

Some people got it, some people don’t. Swag is being a trendsetter. It is about turning heads when you walk into a room. It is about gaining respect through individuality and not giving a shit what people think. If you don’t have any swag, pick up these shades and throw them on. You’ll still be a loser, but at least you’ll be a loser with nice sunglasses.

I was sent by Nectar Sunglasses a pair of swag shades to try on in exchange of my honest opinion. One thing I like about this swag shade is, it look simple yet classic and trendy plus it fits just right. It helps relax your eyes. This Swag comes with a pouch bag in a clear hard plastic box. Besides, this swag you can also shop nectar apparel, accessories and other styles of sunglasses such as sunnies, polarized, fusion, didymium sunglasses. Start gearing up for the sunny summer to come.

Obviously, sunglasses are for the eyes designed essentially as protective eyewear from sunlight that can cause discomfort. Most sunglasses these days are created and designed with polarized feature to protect our precious eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light, which can cause several serious eye problems. Moreover, a quality, stylish and fashionable sunglasses doesn’t only good for eye protection but as well as for fashion accessory. As for TV personality and celebrity, they use shades to hide their face and identity. So, if you are in the market today of buying cool polarized sunglasses then Nectar Sunglasses is the perfect place to check out. Use the promo code; lovenectar upon check out to save 10% off on your purchase. Visit their website at and browse at their coolest collection of sunglasses. Like and follow Nectar Sunglasses on Facebook and Twitter to get updates about latest news, product and promotion.

A tidbits about Nectar Sunglasses; THE SWEET LIFE

Nectar was founded in 2011 in a small apartment by two friends who grew up surfing, skating, snowboarding and causing trouble around town together. The popularity has increased due to the unique branding style and deep connection to their demographic.

Nectar sunglasses is in the business of enjoying life. The brand launched with the intention of capturing the essence of living life to the fullest. Promoting doing what you love and loving what you do. Daring to go where no else will. The concept is simple – connect a diverse network of individuals with a common thread – to enjoy life more. Nectar’s goal is to spread the sweet life with their unique mix of advertising, personalities, athletes and products. The culture stems from athletes, artists, musicians and other like minded people. The company distributes its products domestically and worldwide.

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SammyDress | Korean Coat for Warm and Comfort

As the season changes, so is the weather and some things around us. Shop for clothing that is appropriate for the different weather condition without sacrificing fashion, style and quality.

When spring arrived, I thought I had survived the wintery season and that finally, I could dress light but six weeks later it is still cold. Obviously, winter’s circle of friends like frost, snow, wind chill, cold and the likes refused to leave town. What will you do then to protect yourself from this dreadful and unpredictable weather?

Warm and comfort is what we need to keep us going. Coat, jacket and sweater are the best protection that we can wear when we are out and about doing chores and running errands. So, when asked me to try one of their product in exchange for a review, I picked this Korean Solid Color Cotton-Padded Hooded Long Sleeves Thicken Coat For Women because I know It’ll provide me the warm and comfort I need. It looks thick but surprisingly light to wear and very comfortable. Features a cotton blend inside, so soft, snugged, warm and cozy, plus attached hood and two side pockets. This style of coat is trending right now in Korea. So, stay warm, snugged and in style when plummeting temperatures strikes unnoticed. Furthermore, I love watching Korean drama and saw this style of coat worn by the lead female stars. Asian fashion and trend always have an influence in me. I’ve been wanting to buy a coat like this one and never thought I could find it at

Sammydress is a leading global online wholesale supplier on variety kinds of products from dresses, bags, shoes & apparel for men and women, latest fashion clothing, accessories, to children’s toys and many more. They caters fashion apparels that are very popular among young girls from age 16-36. They aim to provide a wide range of high quality, trendy fashion clothing at factory direct prices along with highly professional customer service to their many customers all over the world. have an extensive and growing selection of trendsetting high quality products. Visit their website today and browse their huge range of quality products with different styles for you to choose. With over 200,000 product lines, offer a world of style at the lowest online prices.

sammy dress

Below is the original picture I snagged from their website with product description. Korean Solid Color Cotton-Padded Hooded Long Sleeves Thicken Coat For Women

Style: Korean, Solid Color
Color; Army Green and Black
Fabric: Cotton Blend
Neckline: Hooded
Sleeve Length: Long Sleeves
Accessories: None
Occasion: Casual, Outdoor
Season: Spring, Fall, Winter
Product Care: Wash by hand in 30 degree Celsius water, hang to dry, avoid bleaching.

Shop for spring and summer wardrobe at Connect with

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#PantybyPost | Pretty Panty – Maaji Hipster {review & giveaway}

Panty or underwear is one of our personal essentials and a must-have undergarments for women and children. We wear panty to cover the private part of our body and for protection as well. Get yourself a pair of these sultry pieces delivered right at your doorstep. Brighten up your boudoir and that lingerie drawer with fun stylish, comfy soft, sultry design, lovely motif or colors and stunning piece of panty.

I was sent by Panty by Post a beautiful piece of Maaji Hipster in blue monkey color for review. It made with quality fabric and designed fashionably to excite confidence and complement your body curves. You can lure your husband to pay for the monthly subscription and enjoy wearing sexy panty all the time. Doesn’t sound like a good bargain does it? Men are shy and they thinks buying panty for their wife or girlfriend is embarrassing and very unmanly thing. So, instead have them do it like shopping for panty online and Panty by Post can help you.

What is Panty by Post?

A subscription service that delivers premium panties for about $15 a month right to your door. It’s easy to order and they ship worldwide.

How it works!

Order a luxury Panty by Post subscription for you or for a friend. Choose from our Signature, Bridal or Men’s Line. Each panty is unique and comes wrapped in tissue, complete with its own handwritten enclosure card. We ship monthly on the same day as your purchase. We make the postman blush!

Ready to shop for your favorite style of panty, then follow the easy steps by visiting Panty by Post at Get updates and more information by following Twitter (@PantybyPost), ‘Like’ them on Facebook and Pin it on Pinterest. You can also get it for free by joining the giveaway. Simply follow the mandatory requirements found in the Rafflecopter.

Win It

• 1 Winner will receive a surprise panty from Panty by
• Open to Canada & USA Only
• Winner will be chosen at randomly via Rafflecopter.
• Giveaway runs from 3/20 – 4/30 2014 at 11:59 pm EST.
• Winner will be notified through email.
• Winner will have 48 hours to respond before new winner is chosen.
• Must be 18 Years or Older to Enter this Giveaway.
• Entering this giveaway means you agree to terms above.
• Follow the mandatory requirements.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: E! Fashion Talk did not receive compensation for this review & giveaway. Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest are in no way associated with this giveaway. Prize fulfillment and shipping will be handled by Panty by .

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Charming Sandgrens Milan Swedish Clogs review

Spring time is almost here so let’s start cleaning up and clear out our closet. Put away those heavy winter jacket, boots and organize our wardrobe. Just like me I’m sure you are also excited to wear light clothing and gorgeous dresses and tops for the upcoming spring season. A charming and elegant wooden Clog sandals would make a perfect pair to complement your fashionable look.

Milan Clogs

Spruce up your spring fashion by adding Swedish clogs in your shoes collection. The love of shoes is one thing girls have in common and this Clog sandals or clog boots are gorgeous footwear every girl will adore. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Instead of a high heels, wedge shoes, sandals, Stiletto or a flat shoes how about this handmade clogs as the latest fashion and apparently has its own unique style and personality. It will look fabulously trendy and definitely go well with almost everything from jeans, short, dress or skirt. Go to as your online source for traditional Swedish clogs and browse at their finest collection of comfort shoes & high-fashion wood clogs online from heeled clogs, shearling boots, clog sandals, clogs for men, to clog boots and more. Sandgrens clogs is environmentally friendly product and by buying a pair of clogs you only not look great but you feel great as well knowing you help Sandgrens to help those in need.

Swedish Clogs

I am so happy and excited when I received this beautiful pair of classic clogs from Sandgrens. They sent me this cute Milan Swedish clogs in leather red color. Start your spring shopping and pick out your favorite color of Milan clogs. The Milan is a cute and classic clog sandal. Wear these wooden shoes to the beach or to work – they will be cute and comfortable anywhere!

Sandgrens Milan Swedish clogs are charming and elegant wood shoes and by far our customers favorite! Just pair these mules up with colorful stockings or your favorite jeans and you’ve got a cute outfit for any occasion. 
The Milan clogs feature a low-heel Swedish Alder wood base and gorgeous traditional leather, which is fastened with staples for a clean but classical look.

Shop on their website at and connect to Sandgrens Clogs social to get latest updates, newsletter and promotion. Follow Sandgrens Clogs on Twitter, LIKE on Facebook and Follow or Pin on Pinterest. Have fun shopping and enjoy your sunny spring or summer wearing the most beautiful and charming wood shoes.

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