Arctic Zero Giveaway

Welcome to Arctic Zero giveaway! Nita’s Random Thoughts is hosting this giveaway on behalf of Arctic Zero.

One lucky winner will receive an Arctic Zero prize pack. This giveaway will run from September 15 at 12:01am EST and ends on October 14 at 12:01am EST. This giveaway is open to US residents only, Arctic Zero can only ship within the continental US.

To enter, complete the tasks on the Rafflecopter form below to maximize your chances of winning! Open to US residents only. Lucky winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or a new winner will be drawn. Only valid entries will count.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Nita’s Random Thoughts is not responsible for the delivery of the giveaway item. Arctic Zero is sponsoring this giveaway and is therefore the person liable for delivery.

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Free Blogger Sign Up – Arctic Zero Giveaway

Calling all bloggers, Sign up for the Arctic Zero Giveaway

Nita’s Random Thoughts is hosting this giveaway on behalf of Arctic Zero.

This opportunity is open worldwide from August 30 to September 10. You will receive 1 FREE link of choice (Facebook or Twitter).

If you want the free link of your choice for this giveaway, you have to post an announce post on your blog and help promote this awesome giveaway. The more bloggers we have in this giveaway, the better your chances of getting more FB or Twitter followers.


You can sign up for this fabulous giveaway HERE.

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Starting a Business

Have you ever thought of starting a business but you do not have enough capital to start with it? Well, if you do then merchant funding would perhaps a good source to get cash for business capital. Investing on a business of some sort is like gambling. You may see the plan in fine blue print of what your business might like in 5 years but you can’t predict other possibility. However, a good businessman always have plan B or C just in case plan A won’t work out. Basically, money is the most important thing every business man should have together with their creativity and resourcefulness. So, if you are one of the many people who wishes to have their own business but don’t have enough cash to get started, then take a loan as American Stimulus Finding Group can help you. Good luck!

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11/366 Day Blog Photo Challenge | Moose Munch

This little moosey went to the market, this little moosey stayed home……but this little moosey went straight to the trash can.

Milk & Dark Chocolate White Chocolate Macadamia

Our little rugrats wasted all these delicious pop corn coated with chocolates. I thought they’re both exhausted from that long walk yesterday afternoon but apparently, I was the only one tired from that walk. Last night they were playing up in our room again. One of them came down stairs and showed to me those tiny white stuff that placed inside this container to keep it from getting moist. I knew right then and there that they did something bad to the whole pack of pop corn because I haven’t seen it on the table. I hurriedly went upstairs and saw the pop corn scattered all over Jake’s room. It was all over the carpet. arrgggghhh!!!

Now visit Me and My Passion so yo won’t get stress too.

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Quality Millermatic

Are you looking for millermatic for you welding job? Well, if you do then stop looking anywhere else as Miller MIG Welder provides quality and top performance millermatic that fit your application and budget. Visit their website today and browse at their selection of Miller Millermatic. You can shop by brand and category and they also offer free shipping on selective items. Welder like you can easily find the right kind of product that is useful to your work. What are you waiting for?

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Moving Here

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

When we moved here we got Direct TV youngstown thinking it would be enough to keep the kids occupied. Boy were we wrong! In this day and age everyone needs a smartphone and all kids of other things to keep themselves busy and as it turns out my kids are no different. I thought I’d raised them in a way that they’d read and get more done by themselves but nope, they’re just as interested in being on the Facebook and playing Angry Birds as they are doing their homework which is not all that great if you ask me. I love them to death but something’s gotta give otherwise I don’t know what I’m going to do about them. My kids are really nutty about all things with screens and not only is it not good for their social development if you ask me, it’s really expensive, too! I can’t afford to be buying them new gadgets every month and they all break so darn easily. They’re not for kids, after all!


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Confuse Job Seeker

A graduate of four year bachelor degree. Had 7 years experienced in her related profession and almost 2 year experienced in other part time job back in her home country. But seems like it’s confusing to find a real job in other country after more than 4 years of being jobless. If only my degree was related to medical I could have apply for this Medical Records Assistant Jobs that I read online. It’s true, I am confuse about the kind of job I want to apply. There are some establishments that close to our house and it’s a walking distance only but they’re not hiring. My online hobby pays a little amount of cash but I still need a regular job. Husband and I found out that the close nearby our house is accepting pre-K agaes 3 and above, and we want send both our kids maybe next year. I don’t want to stay home doing nothing but blogging. They have 6 hours class and I wish I could find a job that allows me to work part time. The question is, what kind of job would that be?

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