Barbies, the Fashion Icon

When it comes to fashion, barbie is the right doll for it. Debuting in 1959 as “The Teenage Fashion Model,” Barbie allowed girls to experience fashion play and to explore various dreams, fantasies and aspirations without ever leaving home.

During our trip to the Philippines we had a 4 hours stop over at Incheon airport Korea. Well, we know how Korea airport looks like and it’s flooded with the coolest shops ever besides the obvious that is was the cleanest and nice airport. I bought this doll with hanbok costume. So I included it in J babies collection. After Christmas, J’s babies are growing with barbies sisters included in the picture. At first she was all “it’s my barbies and get out of my room” kind of possessive barbie owner but after a few days, she ruined the arrangements we set up. And put all the barbies inside the camping van.

Right now she has a total of 15 barbies. I did not let her touch the Korean doll because i don’t want her to break that precious doll. It’s my doll you know. In the future she’s gonna have more barbies because the daddy likes buying her barbie doll. Read about barbie story.

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Girls Talk | Something Old

I’ve been inactive with Girls Talk this past months. I tried to catch up with all the memes and of course managing my time but it looks like the time had managed me instead. Am spending most of my time online but not so productive with my blogging and stuffs. Meaning I’ve been doing tons of lully gagging and talking on Facebook and that I neglected some of my blogs.

Something Old is the topic right now at GT hosted by Kaye. Just recently my uncle created a new group at Facebook. I volunteered to create the website. This group is growing so fast and all we talked about was our experiences from the past. Reminiscing the good ol’ days. Thus, this group is intended to reconnect with our old neighbors, friends, and childhood friend and our birthplace Camp 14 in general.

I enjoyed chatting and exchanging comments with these people and reconnecting with my old friends and neighbors. I discovered that some of theme have already migrated here in the US and other parts of the world. Thinking that most of us who came from this place has successful life and career. It’s truly a pride of Camp 14. What we have in common are, we all came in Camp 14, born and raise and we all product of Pineapple as the main source of income in that small town.

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Girls Talk White

Time for Girls Talk girlfriends. White is the topic for this week chika. I just noticed that my kids don’t have much Whites in their closet.

As I as browsing for picture to match this week theme, the Angel for the Christmas tree catches my attention. This is a reminder to start rummaging soon our Christmas decors. I knows it is still three months away but I need to separate those decorations that I can still use this year and throw some of it in the trash especially the broken ones.

This is the reason why I don’t buy my children white clothing. They love dirt you know. This white dress she was wearing in this photo was a hand me downs. Dirt and mango stains were all over her dress.

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Girls Talk – Lucky Pink

It is still Thursday 4:10 PM in my part of the world and the Girls Talk is still on. I have missed so many weeks playing this meme so i think it’s time to play again. Color is the theme for this month of September and Pink is the topic to talk about this week.

Here’s a pink babies of my baby babies collection. Before she used to name her baby stuff animal as baby and did not care about dolls and baby.

Another lucky pink that I have here right now is the pink mug from Sheriff. Well, being part of the top paid to blog post is lucky enough for me. I bought this mug as remembrance of my blogging journey and giving the love back to the company that have been giving us good assignment.

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GT: Most Memorable High School Moment

Girls Talk once again and the last topic to gossip about before the month of June ends would be the happiest, memorable and fun memories in high school. The 4th Year High School was the most memorable moments of my entire high school life. To escape from CAT, my friends and I decided to joined the Libona Drum and Bugle Corps. Some of my friends were Baton twirlers and some including yours truly chose to be the lyrist.

The fun part of being a member of this group is we don’t need to participate the afternoon exercises and activity of CAT and we get to go places as well. There were times we compete with other district and school and that was the best experiences for us. We got to see other places in Libona, Bukidnon and meet people.

Every time there is school activity like intramurals, foundation day and alike, the drum and bugle was always the main attraction. To bad i haven’t discovered then that I had nice legs i would have been a baton twirlers hehehe just kidding yo. I was a tomboyish back then and a half bully. But i had a crush with the trainer though. Actually, most of the girls in the group had a crush on him and always flirting. Well, girls usually start flirting on high school and that what makes high school life more exciting.

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Girls Talk – Math as Most Hated Subject

Last week favorite subject was the topic of the chismis over at Girls Talk and not the opposite of favorite which is the hate. Obviously, the equation below shows how much I hate Math.

I snagged this equation image at my husband's file. Would you agree on this proof? I don't think so...

They say Math is the easiest subject because it only dealt with numbers 1-10. Yeah, it supposed to be easy but why my teachers back in grade school, high school and college made it so difficult for me to comprehend.

Do you know that the lowest grade I have in my transcript of records was the Math subject. If it was just the four basic operation of math that would be alright i still have a room in my head to at least understand the 1+1. But when it comes to algebra, trigonometry, and other math subject i totally suck at it.

My husband is a Math professor. One time he had me sat in to one of his calculus and statistic class. He gave me a paper and pen so I can pretend to be like a student. I did not understand any of those alien words I heard. After the class he checked my paper to see if I take notes but all he saw was a drawing of a tree and other stuff. I hate math before, I hate math today and will always hate math tomorrow and in the future hehehe.

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Girls Talk – Favorite Subject

I was a teacher for 7 years and in every class scheduled I had, the Recess was not included as subject but it was listed in the schedule as part of every teacher’s / pupils auxiliary therefore, it became my favorite subject LOL. Whether it is subject or not, i love break time, wouldn’t you?

Topic to talk this week over at Girls Talk is about favorite subject. Hmmm sounds like a autobiography when we were still in high school I don’t have a specific subject that i can considered my favorite. As I have said in my previous post, once i don’t like the teacher her lesson won’t register to my tiny brains. Back in college also, I took P.E as my subject of specialization. My concept was, why would I tortured myself with the confusing numbers or composing a well written paragraph when I could take Physical education and pass this subject out with just a booty shake. So, i guess P.E is my favorite subject it was.

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