Safari Glam Style

Safari glam is one of summer’s hottest trend that you can wear to showcase your fashion style and trends. S sequin-trimmed khaki cardigan adds a touch of urban glamour to safari-inspired separates, without deviating from the de rigueur neutral palette.

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Lady Gaga’s Most Gaga Looks Ever

Fashion icon Lady Gaga in her most Gaga looks ever wearing The Meat Dress

The Meat Dress
Lady Gaga credited her jaw-droppingly raw VMA ensemble with a deeper political meaning. “If we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights pretty soon, we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones,” the singer said on Ellen. “And I am not a piece of meat.” The beautifully constructed garment was less weighty than the message. “She said it was her most comfortable dress of the night,” Franc Fernandez, its creator, told “I’m guessing it weighed around forty pounds—it’s built on a corset, so the weight is distributed on her chest.”

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I wonder who can beat with Lady Gaga’s fashion styles and trend. She can really dare everything odd and most unimaginable style, design and cut of dress in the world of fashion.

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010

TOUGH LOVE-Liu Wen VS Fashion Show 2010

TOUGH LOVE – Liu Wen in a Victoria’s Secret cotton lingerie V-string, beaded gown by Shameeza Embroidery, collar by Robert Lee Morris, and rings and cuffs by Alexis Bittar. Boots by Giuseppe Zanotti.
If you missed the Victoria’s Secret fashion Show 2010, Click the link below and be amazed and drool with the sexy model of Victoria’s Secret.
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010

The girls end the show by getting down with Katy Perry. The costume racks look like a naughty Halloween fantasy come to life. A quick peek revealed “farmer’s daughter gone bad” gingham, ethereal chiffon dainties, and a pink sequined wrestling-style leotard.
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Gooey Runway Goodness Fashion Show

Watch the video above for all of the delectable creations!

Fashion has totally changing and evolving every minute of the day. Creative fashion designer always have brilliant ideas of what would click or work to the media especially in the fashion world.

Here’s another fashion that was good enough to eat? Check out The Chocolate Fashion Show held in New York City this week posted at

The edible styles featured full-length gowns, flapper-inspired frocks, cute clutches, and even children’s clothing in dazzling displays of cocoa.

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Anne Hathaway – Best Dressed Celebrity of 2010

Best-Dressed Celebrity of 2010

Anne Hathaway makes nude tulle look easy in the Valentino gown she wore to attend the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Gala benefit in May.

She was one of the celebrity who was best dressed out of the many beautifully dressed celebrities this year. Some women had spectacular moments (like Cameron Diaz at the Oscars), while others earned their place not because of one outfit, but for consistently displaying taste under pressure (take a bow, Michelle Obama).

Who do you think are the other celebrities with beautiful dress this year? And who would you voted for?.

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Does Clothing Matters?

If you are aware in the fashion world or not perhaps you already know that whatever you wear does matter. During the Fashion Week in New York, some sartorial query was pose. Accordingly, some world-class psychics were being asked this burning question: What role does clothing play in?

Psychic Avery ext. 5271 argues that the right clothing can be a powerful tool for attracting a soulmate:

Clothing plays a huge part in our lives. “Dressing to kill” is often a good thing.” When you go meet your soulmate make sure you look your best.

Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146 stresses the significance of appropriate clothing in the workplace:

Clothing plays a more important role than we may realize in our work, no matter what type of work we do. Basics have not changed. They are not old-fashioned, and they count more than ever.
You will mostly in the interview that pleasing personality required , well that is true. It doesn’t mean you have to be pretty and all to look pleasing but be presentable enough to show up for interview.

Psychic Tansy ext. 5289 interpreted dresses as aids for her callers to get what they want.

Looking a little deeper, it appears that in these cases the clothing I see will impress the interviewer favorably. Specific clothing and colors sometimes also appear in my readings when a woman calls to ask about the future of a relationship with a particular man. I guess my Spirit Guides are doing all they can to further her desire!

Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625 recognizes how clothing influences the wearer’s mood and perceived level of confidence. This includes her personal style:

Person is wearing their favorite color or style, they are more comfortable within themselves, and an air of confidence is felt stronger as they feel their clothing is shaping their mood, color and style for whatever the event.

The style and fashion clothes you wear not only matter during interview or when you go for a date, but jewelry and sparkling crystal as well boost the energy and confident level.

The last word goes to Psychic Verbena ext. 9615, who thinks it’s important to “dress in colors that overcome or balance weaknesses in your chakra system”:

Colors enhances your looks. Clothes can also be a very powerful and versatile disguise, or a way to manifest longed-for traits. Whether you want to reveal, conceal, begin to manifest or leave behind personality traits, combining color, style, quality and fabric blends can be very powerful, especially when combined with judiciously selected gem and semiprecious stones with the right intent.

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