Michelle Obama Fashion Style

Michelle Obama Style Evolution - images by AFP/Getty Images

Michelle Obama Wears Bold Multi-Print Tunic Dress to Dinner on Martha’s Vineyard. The first lady opted for questionable tunic “collage dress” — designed by London-based Nigerian Duro Olowu — that had a little bit of everything to it: a purple and white collar, leafy green sleeves, a black and white pin-dot torso, and a purple and green floral hem.

The moment Michelle Obama first hit TV screens she became a style icon. Look back at some of her most notable fashion moments at www.stylelist.com. Read More

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$3.8 Million Handbag

Do you have an obsession with handbags? Well, you should check out this handbag covered in diamonds by House of Mouawad’s new “1001 Nights Diamond Purse,” which clocks in at a whopping $3.8 million! It is the world’s most expensive handbags.

Encrusted with over 381 carats of diamonds, this heart-shaped bag has been named the world’s most expensive handbag by the Guinness Book of World Records. In it, 4,517 diamonds were used—105 yellow, 56 pink and 4,356 colorless—and it took 10 artisans 1,100 hours to complete. They dedicated four months to the project.

Check out dozens of the most expensive bags you could possible imagine ever in existence. Read More at Shine from Yahoo

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Designer Denim

Designer Denim at Fashion Vault. Jean always in whatever your fashion style is. You can top it with blouse or shirt to match your fashion style. What style of denim do you like to wear?

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Find the Right Swing Set

Perhaps, some of you are confuse what size and style of swing set you need to buy for your children. I hope this review will help you decide the right kind of swing set you need that is appropriate to the age of your children and suitable to the size of your backyard. You can easily buy this swing set at CSN Stores. With over 200 unique sites, ranging from www.allmodern.com to www.luxebycsn.com, CSN Stores carry just about everything from home furniture, kitchen wares, baby stuff and more. Top it with great customer service and free shipping guaranteed on orders over $69.

Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center and Swing Set with Glider

This swing set is for step 2 or bigger kids ages 3 and up. It features variety of activities for multi-child play. Just look at the photo and see the different fun filled activities your children can enjoy in this swing set. If you have bigger playground then this swing set is perfect for your little tykes. You can buy this at Swingsetandmore.com on CSN Stores for very reasonable price. Just think how much fun you kids will have in this swing set. They never get bored as they have variety of activity area for their adventures.
Swing N Glide III Gym Set

This swing set would suit to small family with 2 or 3 kids perhaps. It has slide with U.V. protected to prevent from fading. It has air glide rider, comfort swing with adjustable height that is good for two kids. Your kids can still invite their playmates because up to 5 children can play on gym set at once. When it comes to quality, yes it is durable as it is made in USA and came with easy to assemble manual in three different language instructions.

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Celebrity Trends – Statement Rings

Wanna be updated with latest trends? well then check out this statement ring that Drew Barrymore and other stars was wearing. This will add accent to your style and accessories without over doing it.

Find Statement Rings and other fashion and trends at stylefind.com

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