E!FashionTalk Makeover

What do you think of this blog new look peepz? Gorgeous isn’t it? From being look too simple to fabulously awesome and all this I owe to Kaye of WAHMaholic Design. She did everything to come up with this chic and sassy design. If you want to contact her just press the banner found at the right side bar of this blog yo. Dress up you blog with the latest fashion layout you want.

Who is up for a badge exchange?

Feel free to grab E!FT bagde and lemme know so I can return the favor. Thanks

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Looking Good with Leader Jacket

I’ve always wanting to buy a leather jacket ever since but i was a little worried that it might not suit on me. Couple of years ago, I saw a leather jacket on sale. The better half was very nice to buy me one for $49 because it was on sale. That leather jacket is in the closet, brand new with tag. In other words I never wear it because I look horrible. I like fashion but I do not have the guts to bring out the creativity and stylish side of me. Then, last December my sister bought a nice designer leather jacket for $50 but the original price was $250+. I trust my sister’s fashion sense although it’s his husband who used to buy designer clothing on him. She showed few pictures and I sort of like it so I bought it.

This is it, the leather jacket I bought from my sister. I love it and I think I look good with it, don’t you think? I am very picky when it comes to clothing. I look on comfort and brand rather than style or fashion. Leather jacket always in when it comes to trend.

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Haute Surfer

Summer’s Hottest Trend – Haute Surfer

This year, colorful tie dye went from hippie to haute. A pair of super-bright shades is the best way to test-drive the trend no red dye required.

It’s not spring yet and absolutely few months away from summer either but it’s good to get ready for that season. I mean summer is the most exciting season of the year. You get to wear anything and perhaps show some skin. Start shopping for you summer get up now. Thanks to the fun styling feature at Instyle.com. I really enjoyed styling those outfit.

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Fall and Winter Toddler Fashion

Who says fashion are for adults or models only? Kids also have their own fashion style. Well, obviously the mother must be a frustrated fashionista and they want to their daughter to be look like one so to speak.

She looked adorable with red skirt with black pant underneath, matched with pink hand me down boots. Bought the dress for $5 only at Walmart.

Looking cute and fab with pink and brown printed dress matched with pink boots that she got from her Aunt.  The dress from Hartstring only cost $12.50 because it was 70% off sale during the holiday season.

My first time to post photo of my lamb chop here definitely not the last.  I just want to share few of her fashion.  So watch out for her spring fashion. cheerios

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Must Have Boots

Winter is in full swing and it is never too late to reward yourself with Whooga Ugg Boots that brings warmth and comfort to your feet. It warms up your toes faster with lavishly thick thermofleece. Whooga ugg boot is a type of sheepskin boot with wool lining that features luscious twin faced merino fleece, double stitched for durability, shapes to the natural contours of your feet and top quality standard with 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may be experiencing warmer temperature right now that you think you do not need boots, well the thing with ugg boot is, you can wear it even if it’s snowing or not. In fact you can wear it all year round in anyway suits your fashion style. Enhance your winter fashion with a pair of comfortable and soft sheepskin Whooga Ugg Boots.

Reinforced Suede Heel for stiffness and provides additional support for your ankle and prevents your boots from sagging.

Feel free visit their website and to check out the variety of colors and styles of Ugg Boots By Whooga to insure that you buy the orginal kind of Ugg Boots. In addition to that, you could save when you buy a pair of Whooga Ugg Boots if you use the exclusive discount code: 1584EFASHION that gives you 10% off which is good till next week.

Hence, perhaps you would want sign up on Whooga Ugg Boots Newsletter to be enter with the giveaway. The current giveaway is open to everyone that signs up to our newsletter. Drawing of boots for the winners is at the end of each month and it’s open to everyone in all countries. One more thing, Like Whooga Ugg Boot inFacebook and follow them on Twitter to get latest updates and infos.

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Fashion for Less

I was at the mall last weekend and splurged myself to some cheap shopping at wetseal boutique. Why cheap? Well they’re having a buy one take one for $1. I found a nice shirt for $6 and paid this shirt for a buck. Not bad for a cheap price I got nice hooded black and pink stripe for a buck. This is perfect for winter and spring season as well.

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Cold-Weather Chic Style

Camel coats are always classic, and are especially on-trend right now. Keep the palette neutral with an oversize snakeskin tote bag enough to stow your ipad and other gadget. You can shop this lady like perfect for cold weather at Style.com

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