Fashion Ring

I love wearing ring in my forefinger. Most of the ring i wore before were belt and snake but someone took interest on it so I gave it away. I even went to a ring maker and bought a made to order silver ring with belt design. One of them got broken. When I came here i saw a big ring at the bargain store. I stopped using is because the ring faded away. When I saw this big and trendy fashion ring worn by celebrated I instantly fall in love. I cannot afford the ones that most celebrity are wearing but would love to have one even if it’s not high quality. For the sake of fashion and trends only. So, when we went to the mall one afternoon, we stopped by at Aldo shoe boutique. I saw the sales clerk wearing that big eye looking turquoise. I saw the price and it was only less than 10 bucks. Too bad none of the display fit on my fat finger. So, I found this red rose fashion right. What a coincidence because it matches my dress I was wearing that day. I bought a couple though but I’ll share the other design next time. Will thinking of going back to that store and buy some more.

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New mommy project

Our “mommy” group has a new project, it’s how to keep fit or lose pounds. A couple of moms started this on our Facebook group because they think that it will motivate more of us when we know that we’re not doing it alone.

I know it’s not easy to find plus size clothing back home. When I was still working there, that used to be the most common problem for my friends who’ve exceeded the “average” size. Most malls have limited choices and honestly, most of them don’t even flatter anymore.

Though because of technology, shopping for plus size jeans is much easier because even though the stores are in another country, my friends back home can just pay a little extra for shipping for clothes that know will really do good for them. Gone are the days that they only bought clothes because those were the only ones on hand. The world is now their mall and I’m so happy they’re enjoying shopping more now. But from what I heard, some of my friends have trimmed down a lot so I’m sure they’re no longer looking for plus sizes at the present.

I’m happy that our group started this project. Even though I’m not plus-sized yet, it can definitely help me just be fit and maintain my current weight and body. I know there’s a bigger chance of sticking to this program because I have friends who support me 24/4 throughout the world.

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Fashion Upgrade

She does look fabulous with that stripe pink dress. I thought this might look good on me too despite of the love handles. Well, time for me to upgrade my own fashion styles. I like clothes that is in right now but I never had the guts to wear it on public. I am more on a jeans or short and t-shirt kindda gal. You won’t look big in this dress because of the design. But if you are really big well obviously the fats will tell the world the truth.

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Nikon D3100 DSLR

I posted before that DSLR camera is the first item in my wishlist. Well guess what? I finally got the chance to buy my dream camera with my blogging money. When it comes to technology and gadgets, DSLR camera is the latest and hottest trend and fashion.

This is just a sample. I do not know yet how to operate this baby. I just use the point and shoot features and it still came really good and clear. I’ll be studying my new toy and hopefull would learn all the coolest features a DSLR could offer. So, good luck to me.

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Pink Ruffled Dress

It pays to enter giveaways and contest. A new item added to my TH fashion style. When it comes to fashion, I usually stick to what I am comfortable with, even if it looks old and very conservative. I have few dresses I bought that I find attractive but I haven’t wear it yet. I want to thank a dearest friend for the giveaways. Thank you much Savvy Mama.

Regular Price: $26.89
Sale: $18.82

Trendy, cute and affordable juniors clothing at – Get the latest fashion trends at great prices from They offer a large selection of fabulous fashion clothing for any occasion. Check it out now and start shopping for summer clothing and fashion.

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Maid of Honor Dress

One thing that catches every body’s attention on every weddings is the brides wedding gown, and wedding dresses including the gown of the maid of honor.  Last May 18th one of my dearest friend got married and her best friend sugz was her maid of honor.  Sugz and lea the bride had been best friend since college.  Sugz and I became close friends back in mountain school.  Lea and I became close friend through sugz.  Anyway, the maid of honor was wearing this elegant and conservative look gown.   It looks so simple and yet classic doesn’t it?

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The Best Dressed Celebrity Brides of All Time

The Royal Wedding had been over for almost a month but fashionistas still not done talking about the elegant wedding dress that Princess Kate was wearing. The moment Kate Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey, her Alexander McQueen wedding dress with a six-foot train became an instant classic. I found this article as the top Wedding dress together with the rest of Top 50 Most Iconic Celebrity Wedding Gowns. Watch more from Source:InStyle.

Kate Middleton
Over 2 billion people watched the royal wedding on April 29, 2011, and Kate Middleton didn’t disappoint. For her walk down the aisle, the new Duchess of Cambridge wore a gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. “Miss Middleton worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress,” the Clarence House said. The hand-cut English lace and French Chantilly lace dress was paired with matching Alexander McQueen shoes.

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