Maid of Honor Dress

One thing that catches every body’s attention on every weddings is the brides wedding gown, and wedding dresses including the gown of the maid of honor.  Last May 18th one of my dearest friend got married and her best friend sugz was her maid of honor.  Sugz and lea the bride had been best friend since college.  Sugz and I became close friends back in mountain school.  Lea and I became close friend through sugz.  Anyway, the maid of honor was wearing this elegant and conservative look gown.   It looks so simple and yet classic doesn’t it?

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The Best Dressed Celebrity Brides of All Time

The Royal Wedding had been over for almost a month but fashionistas still not done talking about the elegant wedding dress that Princess Kate was wearing. The moment Kate Middleton arrived at Westminster Abbey, her Alexander McQueen wedding dress with a six-foot train became an instant classic. I found this article as the top Wedding dress together with the rest of Top 50 Most Iconic Celebrity Wedding Gowns. Watch more from Source:InStyle.

Kate Middleton
Over 2 billion people watched the royal wedding on April 29, 2011, and Kate Middleton didn’t disappoint. For her walk down the aisle, the new Duchess of Cambridge wore a gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. “Miss Middleton worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress,” the Clarence House said. The hand-cut English lace and French Chantilly lace dress was paired with matching Alexander McQueen shoes.

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Pressured with the favor

Couple of weeks ago I chatted with my older brother over Facebook. We seldom chat and that day was the second time we talked. He asked me a favor which made me feel guilty to say no to him. Meanwhile, a week before we had that talk, my sister called me up and told me that my brother had requested her to buy him this expensive brand of eyeglasses that cost like almost $300. It was the same sunglasses he asked me as favor. I checked at different store online hoping I could find a cheaper price but no to avail. I was thinking, why it had to be that expensive where he can buy discount maui jim sunglasses for very good price. I tried to save for that sunglasses but something more important came up. My brother’s girlfriend had an early labor and they needed big amount of money for the hospital. The sunglasses had to wait I told my older brother about that and instead i sent the money to my younger brother to help out with the expenses. That sunglasses really put too much pressured on my savings and budget.

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In Fashion:Wedding Gown

One thing that most people check on wedding event is the wedding gown. “Oh! I want to go to the wedding coz i want to see her wedding dress”, this is what other girls say when they go to a wedding. They just have to see how fabulous the wedding dress. During the Royal wedding, the princess wedding dress had created a buzz online. After the wedding the sister of the Royal couple got noticed because of her beauty and of course fashion dress.

Well speaking of wedding dress fashion style and design. A very close and great friend got married last week and I waited to see her wedding dress. So, today most of our friends who attended her wedding have posted tons of wedding photos online. This is her wedding dress. Doesn’t look too shabby or too simple. It’s look very nice and as a matter of fact I like it.

These are our friends and most of them are married already. We still have couple of single friend and we look forward for them to get hitch as well. So, what do you think of her wedding dress?

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Fashion Jewelry

I am not really into fashion jewelry but when i was searching online for some gold bracelet i found this website online that sells fashion jewelry for less. This would be an ideal gift to your little friend or you can buy one for yourself that you can wear to a casual party or gathering. What do you think?

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Royal Dress and Pippa

image source: Royal Wedding at Shine

Is Pippa a package deal of Princess Kate Royal life? Not so, as Pippa also possess lovely face that people just notices recently. After the Royal wedding, Pippa has become the talk of the town and her stunning beauty captures the world of showbiz news and so her fashion. Pippa Middleton’s appearance on the world stage at the royal wedding has catapulted her to sudden fame.

Pippa’s maid of honor dress looked gorgeous. Pippa Middleton wore a form-fitting white gown to her sister Catherine Middleton’s wedding.

Kate’s second wedding look. The bride changed into a sleek white dress for the evening reception. The beautiful gown was also designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.

The Royal Wedding Dress of Kate Middleton was the most talked in the world of fashion which I’m positively puts it on the top chart in fashion. Lovely indeed!

Once again Congratulation Kate and William! Best Wishes!!!

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Common Side Effects

There are some things in common with all the weigh loss supplements. Even of some of them are effective or not, they still have common purpose which is to lose some weight. Obviously, they are all for weight loss or diet. They also have common side effects one way or the other. Read the hydroxycut side effects and compare it with other weigh loss supplement you are using right now or before. These type of supplement contains ingredients that help burn some fats. So, if you want more information please visit the website by clicking through the link provided and read some valuable reviews. This will also help you in deciding which weigh loss supplement should you use.

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