Types of Pearls

There are various types of pearls beyond the basic distinction of natural or cultured. Each type has its own unique qualities and characteristics. Let’s take a look at the various types of pearls you can find at quality jewelry sellers like National Pearl.

Japanese Akoya

Akoya pearls are the very first cultured pearls. They are farmed in the waters of Japan, but also China. They can be between two to ten millimeters around. These pearls have an average diameter of six to seven millimeters. These pearls are almost always round and are used often in cultured pearl necklaces.


These gems are farmed mainly in the rivers and lakes of China and average six to seven millimeters in size. They do range in size from two to 13 millimeters. Freshwater pearls only grow naturally in white, but they are often dyed by jewelry manufacturers. Because of the rainbow sheen, dyed black freshwater pearls often look much like genuine ones.

South Sea

South Sea pearls are a cultured variety that is the largest, averaging 13 millimeters in diameter. However, they can be as large as 20 millimeters round. They are cultured in the waters of Australia and China and come naturally in white, gold or cream colors.


These pearls get their name because they are traded from Tahiti; however, they’re cultured all around the area known as French Polynesia. They measure between eight and 16 millimeters in diameter.These pearls are distinctive because of their natural black, silver or gray color. The most rare and desired Tahitian pearl color is black with a peacock green cast.


A Keshi pearl is a mucleus-free pearl and is solid nacre. It is still categorized as a cultured pearl, however, because it is a byproduct of the culturing process. These pearls can be cultured in either salt water or freshwater. They are now truly rare due to the use of modern farming techniques.


Mabe pearls are those that have the distinction of growing against the shell of the oyster, causing it to be hemispherical in shape, rather than round. When they are harvested, the nucleus of these pearls is replaced by resin. Mother of pearl is used to cover its flat back. Thus, these pearls are less expensive than round ones, but they are still very lustrous.

These are the most popular forms of pearls that can be found at sites across the web like www.nationalpearl.com.

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Charming Sandgrens Milan Swedish Clogs review

Spring time is almost here so let’s start cleaning up and clear out our closet. Put away those heavy winter jacket, boots and organize our wardrobe. Just like me I’m sure you are also excited to wear light clothing and gorgeous dresses and tops for the upcoming spring season. A charming and elegant wooden Clog sandals would make a perfect pair to complement your fashionable look.

Milan Clogs

Spruce up your spring fashion by adding Swedish clogs in your shoes collection. The love of shoes is one thing girls have in common and this Clog sandals or clog boots are gorgeous footwear every girl will adore. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Instead of a high heels, wedge shoes, sandals, Stiletto or a flat shoes how about this handmade clogs as the latest fashion and apparently has its own unique style and personality. It will look fabulously trendy and definitely go well with almost everything from jeans, short, dress or skirt. Go to Sandgrensclogs.com as your online source for traditional Swedish clogs and browse at their finest collection of comfort shoes & high-fashion wood clogs online from heeled clogs, shearling boots, clog sandals, clogs for men, to clog boots and more. Sandgrens clogs is environmentally friendly product and by buying a pair of clogs you only not look great but you feel great as well knowing you help Sandgrens to help those in need.

Swedish Clogs

I am so happy and excited when I received this beautiful pair of classic clogs from Sandgrens. They sent me this cute Milan Swedish clogs in leather red color. Start your spring shopping and pick out your favorite color of Milan clogs. The Milan is a cute and classic clog sandal. Wear these wooden shoes to the beach or to work – they will be cute and comfortable anywhere!

Sandgrens Milan Swedish clogs are charming and elegant wood shoes and by far our customers favorite! Just pair these mules up with colorful stockings or your favorite jeans and you’ve got a cute outfit for any occasion. 
The Milan clogs feature a low-heel Swedish Alder wood base and gorgeous traditional leather, which is fastened with staples for a clean but classical look.

Shop on their website at www.sandgrensclogs.com and connect to Sandgrens Clogs social to get latest updates, newsletter and promotion. Follow Sandgrens Clogs on Twitter, LIKE on Facebook and Follow or Pin on Pinterest. Have fun shopping and enjoy your sunny spring or summer wearing the most beautiful and charming wood shoes.

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Embellish Teen Clothing with Studs and Spikes

Teenagers enjoy adding a bit of punk rock to their clothing. They want to stand out in the crowded hallways at school and express their personalities through their style. If the teenager in your life finds the clothing you buy a bit too boring, you can add studs and spikes to create more interest and give them greater freedom to express themselves through their wardrobe.

Hem Linings

You can add a fast touch of punk to your teen’s clothing by lining the hems with pyramid or cone studs. You can go down the outside hem of their pants or across the shoulder hems on their favorite shirt. Pay attention to the size of the studs you select, since larger studs might not look right on smaller body parts like the shoulders.

Accessorize the Shoes

Your teen may want to line the toes of their boots with small spikes or add hex spikes to the heels. You should select smaller-sized spikes and studs to ensure that they do not overpower the natural style of the shoe. This is a good way to add some style to your teenager’s shoes if they cannot find anything in the store that meets their expectations.

Make It a Party

Shop for studs and spikes in different colors and sizes online. Allow your teenager to gather a few friends to decorate their book bags and t-shirts to suit their individual styles. They can create patches of different studs and spikes on their shirts to create unexpected splashes of interest. No one else in their school will have the clothing they get to rock the next day.

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Lightweight Puffer Jacket

This Lightweight Puffer Jacket was sold for $26.85 from original retail price $89.50 at Aerospostale. I save using Mydaily deal at mypoints. It’s comfy and light and it sure warm me up during cold weather. Lightweight Puffer Jacket offers a barely-there feel and a soft, comfy construction, while 2 zippered pockets on the front secure small essentials. Bundle up and pop it on with a chunky cable-knit scarf.

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Spruce Up Your Fashion with Designer fur

Furs are a glorious addition to any wardrobe. Finding them in a reasonable price range is often easier said than done, however. Jokes abound about the merits of getting “one hundred dollars off a mink coat,” but the truth is that it’s actually very easy to find furs more affordable if you know where to look.

Designer fur from ML Furs is generally quite expensive, for instance. However, it is entirely possible to find it at a more palatable price on the web. It can seem counter-intuitive to look for such a niche item online. The truth is that many high-quality fur professionals have taken a huge measure of their business online. Shipping costs for the most secure and prompt shipping are negligible compared to the cost of individual products and the overhead of running an online store is next to nothing.

This means that there are a great number of savings to be passed on to customers. It isn’t uncommon to see fur items from top brands discounted by thousands of dollars. As items linger on the shelve the discounts online grow steeper. Some discounts are as high as 65% on top dollar items. It’s a great way to introduce a new heirloom into the family collection without breaking the bank.

Furs will never be in easy reach. There still remain options to find better deals for individuals savvy enough to have a look at their options. The web is rapidly becoming one of the best options for fur purchases for the cost-conscious.

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Anatomie Collection | Modern Designer Sportswear

Seasons come and go, should you allow good things passing by without getting one for yourself. Get a hold of the latest fashion, in style, trendy apparel and modern designer sportswear only at Anatomie. Spruce up your wardrobe and fashion collections from head to toe including coats or jacket and etc. Finding what’s comfortable and perhaps consider in today design and style wise will make a good fashion statement.

I would say I am fortunate and the luckiest indeed to have received this gorgeous Rosella Ruffle Jacket Khaki. There is something about designer that makes us wonder and squeal with excitement. We may not too familiar with the famous designer in a fashion world nonetheless we are curious enough to know and appreciate their work of art. Winter will not officially be here until the 21st of December and yet we’ve been having quiet a lot of snow in our area. The cold fronts is kicking in but that doesn’t mean you have to look miserable. This designer jacket Rosella Ruffle Jacket Khaki would make a perfect outfit underneath your heavy winter coat. You can wear it in different occasion like party, gathering and even in going to your yoga session. The style looks modern and very fashionable.

It is made of top quality material in and out given the sophistication, elegance, functional and modernity of their product. A comfortable jacket to wear underneath your down jacket that makes you feel confident, look smart and feminine. It great addition to your coat and jacket collection hence a wardrobe upgrades. Well, if you live in a country with four seasons you become obsess with coats and jacket. You can never be done finding the right coat or jacket that would fit to you everyday life. At Anatomie Style.com, I am quiet sure you will find a suitable jacket that you can wear for your outdoor activity and running exercise. Beat the chill this season in statement outerwear! Check out ANATOMIE Designer Activwear, a European inspired performance Fashion.

Rosella Ruffle Jacket Khaki

Each season, the people behind Anatomie Style travel to Milan, Paris, and New York to translate the most up to date styles into functional fashion. Anatomie collections feature a youthful attitude and fashion-forward vibrancy while never losing site of their core philosophy: functional fashion.

Every piece is made with love, using the latest French and Italian performance fabrics – they are chic, feminine, and versatile. Anatomie collections are easy to care for as they are machine washable, wrinkle free and never shrink or fade saving valuable time and money.

Shop today at Connect
Website: ANATOMIE – Modern Designer Sportswear.
Like on Facebook
Follow on Twitter @AnatomieStyle

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Inspirational Jewelry – Zymbol Pendant {review}


“Life is like a roller coaster” albeit you heard this quote many times and perhaps you’d agree with the message. Here’s another one, “God is Love”. I used to have this quote right in front of my workplace as a reminder for myself to put God in everything I do, love my work and the children around me. Inspiration is what we need to keep going and continue to face whatever obstacles that may come our way. How would you like to find inspiration through this wonderful piece of jewelry from ZYMBOL.

I was pretty happy and excited when I received a Zymbol Pendant, an inspirational Jewelry from Zymbol™. It looks cool and simple and yet unique. You can wear it anytime and be look chic, cool and get inspired. When I was wearing the necklace both my children asked if they can try it on too and of course picture should be taken and included. My daughter asked me if it’s alright she can wear it to school but I said no because obviously she still a toddler. Moreover, inside the box includes two Zymbol cards one is empty and the other one had a message SPREAD THE WORD written or traced on it. Allow me to start spreading the word with this question, What is ZYMBOL?

Zymbol is a creative design that contains every letter of the alphabet & every number hidden within it! Trace it out and find out your own zymbol and what does it means to you. At first glance you instantly noticed the peace sign to the zymbol pendant. It’s impressive how a Zymbol pendant contains the 26 letters in the alphabet which can be traced and able to create a message that will inspires you and others.
Here is the story behind Zymbol and what inspires and motivated her to create a line of inspirational jewelry.

Zymbol™ was ‘accidentally’ created when company Founder Sally Short was doodling, and wrote down the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ stacking each letter on top of the next, and then adding a peace sign to complete the design.

Sally then sent the design off to be cast as a ‘Love and Peace’ pendant.

But something happened when the Short family received the pendant; they randomly saw it sitting sideways and noticed a ‘K’ popping out.

“There is no ‘K’ in the phrase LOVE IS ALL U NEED,” commented Sally’s Daughter Merida.

That motivated the family to see what other letters they could find and they ended up uncovering EVERY LETTER of the ALPHABET and EVERY NUMBER hidden within the symbol!

The Short Family decided to create a line of inspirational jewelry based around the design. They named it Zymbol as it is a symbol that represents all letters A through Z.

ZYMBOL™ allows you, or the person who receives it as a gift, to TRACE out a message of inspiration while wearing it. The message can change and evolve with the person or remain consistent. Set your intention for the day or use it to S-P-E-L-L out important names, dates, phrases and goals. The possibilities are endless. It is quiet interesting and fun tracing each symbols and see what message or word will you come up with. Life is full of ups and downs and as much as we tried to hide our feelings and get on with life, at some point you need to go back and find solution to it. Our family is one of our inspiration to keep going and face reality. This Zymbol pendant will serve as your tool to speak out your thought, send message, practice tracing name and many more. Zymbol™ is a thought provoking conversation piece which can lift anyone’s spirit, in the best or worst of times. Zymbol’s inspirational jewelry is more than just a unique piece of item to adorn and a wonderful gift ideas for that matter that you can give to your children, friends and family. But it can also help one children at a time. Watch below the following video about their partnership with The DELL Children’s Hospital in Austin TX. For every Zymbol sold, one is gifted to a children’s hospital for the sake of inspiration. You are not only buying an awesome inspirational jewelry but you are also making a difference through charity. Visit their website @ www.zymbol.net to purchase your own inspirational Zymbol pendant or necklace. Follow and like them on Twitter (or @Meridane_Design) and Facebook to stay connected and keep up to date. You can also subscribe Zymbol on YouTube by clicking on the video below. Win It and get it free by entering the giveaway. Zymbol represents the world’s first line of Interactive Empowerment Jewelry. Wear yours and TRACE out names, dates, phrases, goals, intentions, positive affirmations, or with a reminder of things you are thankful for.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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