Custom Clothing 101: What You Need to Know

Custom clothing is one of those things that most guys don’t think about too often. Perhaps you know somebody who gets their clothes made for them, but most guys really just think that custom clothing is only for bigshot CEOs and millionaires who don’t have to worry about the money that they spend.

The truth is that most guys can afford some custom clothing, even if they aren’t going to make everything in their wardrobe custom. In fact, buying custom clothing has a lot of benefits for the average man that you may not be aware of.

Use our guide to help you learn more about the benefits and process of having custom clothing made just for you.

Perfect Fit

The biggest and most obvious benefit of having custom clothing made for you is that it’s designed specifically for your body – not just you and all the other guys who happen to wear a small, medium, large, have a 36-inch waist, etc. Custom clothing is made for you based on very specific measurements, so you’ll get the perfect fit every single time.

Once your measurements are taken the first time you’ll also see that it’s very easy to order additional garments to your specifications. There’s nothing quite like having the perfect custom dress shirts for men or the perfect pair of dress pants in your closet.

More Choices

Buying custom clothing also means that you get a lot more choices when it comes to how your garments look. Not only can you specify the style of clothing you want – modern slim-fit, traditional fit or somewhere in between – but you also get to choose the actual materials and lining for your clothing.

When you go into a department store you get what’s there that’s close to your size. When you purchase custom clothing you can pick from a nearly endless supply of materials to suit your needs.

Your tailor will also be able to help you out if you’re not sure exactly what you want from custom dress clothes. Few men do at first, but over time you’ll find that you have strong preferences toward certain materials, styles and items.


Custom clothing can cost more money that stuff you buy in the store, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Your tailor can help match your budget.

You also need to consider that custom clothing is of much higher quality, so you’ll be able to wear it for years to come.

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Women’s Fashion and Cosmetics

Women are always looking for ways to make themselves more beautiful. Women’s fashion and cosmetics are both multi-billion dollar industries. As long as women want to look their best, these industries will continue to thrive. There are many different items that women buy in an effort to look their most attractive. Some of these items work better on some women than others. In many cases, the methods that a woman uses to look beautiful come down to her own personal tastes, as well as her budget. Here are some of the most popular accessories that make women more beautiful.

1. Shoes

There are many women on this planet who have a closet filled with shoes that they never wear. For some women, buying shoes becomes an addiction. However, there is one thing that can’t be denied. A great pair of shoes can help to make a woman look more mature, exotic and sexy. This is why incredibly expensive high-heel shoes constantly fly off the shelves. Whenever a women is going to a special event, one of the first things she considers is what shoes she is going to wear.

2. Shapewear

If you are not familiar with the term shapewear, this basically refers to a line of products that helps women to take control of their figure and look better. This is accomplished without the woman feeling any discomfort. Shapewear is a far cry from the uncomfortable and painful corsets that were popular more than a century ago. One example of shapewear would be the squeem waist cincher. This can be purchased from a company called Femme Basics. If you want to learn more, you should go to

3. Jewelry

Jewelry has been around almost as long as the human race. Some of the earliest cave drawings depict people wearing various forms of jewelry. That tradition has continued over the many centuries that have followed. Now the jewelry industry is massive, selling pieces that contain every precious stone and metal imaginable. There is not a woman alive who would not like to walk around wearing a fancy necklace or earrings. The right jewelry has a way of bringing out a woman’s best features.

4. Furs

A fur coat is a fantasy item for most women. This is mainly because furs are very expensive. There can be no question that a woman in a fur looks extremely elegant and sophisticated.

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Halloween Costume | Pose w/ Style

A photo posted by SheyhZ (@shydub) on

Halloween is in the air. Albeit some of you have already picked up their own favorite costume. I was so lucky to received a free Halloween costume this year courtesy of Halloween Adventure through costume reviewer. The costume that my kids wearing were also free that I received last year, pretty neat huh. The kids love dressing up so for the sake of the review that I wrote in my other site I decided to play dress up and play like superheroes and pose with style.

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Three Ways To Reinvent Your Little Black Dress

Yes, women actually need Little Black Dresses — or at the very least, one great little black dress LBD). It’s a closet essential — a staple item for ladies wanting to dress their best. Even when you can only have one dress, you must choose an LBD. Little black dresses are everlasting and are can work perfectly for evening dinners or cocktail parties. The little black dress (AKA LBD) was created and designed by the famous designer Coco Chanel and Jean Patou, as they were seeking an affordable alternative dress for women that was both neutral in color and easily versatile. Fashions are ever-changing, though the necessity of a little black dress never-ends. The little black dress is mainstay of a wardrobe; whether mini or mid-length – it’s switchable and ideal for the modern women of today’s society. Below you will find out how to pick the perfect one:

LBD Tunic: Cooper St Clothing suggest, that the modest yet classy appearance and feel of a Tunic LBD is irrefutably a standard in fashion, and it is easily paired with a multitude of accessories that will change its look. The little black dress fashioned in the style of a tunic lets a woman display her femininity while ensuing in an eye-popping outfit. The tunic too gives the look of high-fashion yet maintains a coolness and comfortable feel.

LBD Splurge: The Pink Ruby Collection Splurge Black — Peplum Dress is a breath-taking piece of fashion. The Splurge LBD offers you a striking form with a tailor-made bodice and frill detailed skirt. Stretching steeply along the form of your body, the Splurge provides a form-fitting classy look. This eye-catching LBD can only be defined as a must-have for a night out with the girls! The Pink Ruby Collection has designed this LBD with the girly-girl in mind.

LBD Simple: If you are not a big fan of the tunic or your style will not match the Pink Ruby’s Splurge — the Orientique Music and Lyrics sleeveless dress will get-up and go with your every move. The versatile Orientique LBD is considered to be meek and casual; much like the original little black dress was meant to be. Dress it up with a nice sweater for a special dinner, or throw it on for a day at the park. Whether afternoon or night, the Orientique little black dress offer you a lot of styles but with comfort in mind.

There are hundreds of ways to wear a Little Black Dress, and most women cannot live without one. It is justly a chief component in any woman’s wardrobe. No matter if you want the mini LBD or mid-length LBD; the little black dress can be snazzy or comfy. Maybe you like an LBD for work that can be paired with a jacket; one that can be then changed into an evening cocktail dress. Twist of Bliss understands the need for versatility. They know the significance of owning that perfect little black dress, and they can offers one to fit your exact style. Twist of Bliss offers so many selections of dresses in their inventory, so feel secure in knowing they have your fashion needs covered. Stopover at and select your perfect little black dress today!

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Blooming Away

When you are looking for something comfortable for your daughter to wear under skirts and dresses, you will discover who we are. There re various styles to choose from as well as sizes and colors. Material of the bloomers is cotton, making them soft for the child to wear. There is also a small bit of spandex to give the bloomers flexibility. The spandex also helps that bloomers keep their shape instead of being flimsy.

Bloomers are ideal for families who want to maintain a modest appearance for their children. The bloomers go perfectly under dresses so that girls can still play outside without undergarments showing. One thing that is a benefit is that the bloomers won’t show up underneath the dress or skirt, making it appear as though the child doesn’t have the shorts on underneath. When your daughter needs to wear a leotard or another piece if dance clothing, she can wear the bloomers for a different look or to provide extra coverage. They are a wonderful addition to a school uniform, or your daughter can sleep in them at night. There are many varieties to choose from so that your daughter can wear a different color every day.

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Selling Clothing? How to Break Into a Busy Market

The clothing business can be a pretty tough one, and if you’re just trying to break in, you may not know quite where to start, even if you have great taste and the money to start a business. Luckily there are some tips you can use to help you start a clothing sales business the right way. Utilize them and you might just make it past the first few years, whether you choose to have a retail storefront or sell your clothing online.

Use Free Marketing Wisely

When it comes to selling clothes, especially if you’re on a budget when you start up, it’s essential to use as much free marketing as possible. For most small clothing sales companies, that means utilizing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also want to start a blog where you can network with others in the fashion industry and get your customers interested in your products.

Update these social media sites and your blog daily for the best results.

Choose a Reputable Wholesaler

When you’re buying new wholesale clothing for a business it can be hard to know where to look. After all, there are many different wholesalers out there, and most of them are going to tell you why they are the best to work with.

However, what you really want is to find the one that will help you develop your style and work with you to offer better pricing as you grow. Discuss diminishing price structures as you grow. You should be able to pay less the more you buy.

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Matilda Jane Girl | Wear it Style & Creativity

I received a set of Matilda Jane Clothing which includes Cloudy Puffer Tee, Love Bug Knot Top and Sweetheart Ruffled Leggings. At first, I thought this dress had missing some buttons and then I went to checked their site and was impressed with the creative style. The top was designed to button less.

This set of girl’s dress can be worn in 4 creative ways. Well, your girl can wear this three set and she is good to go for winter. It can also be turn into a fall, spring and summer outfit. The dress alone looks lovely and I also love the style and the cheeky and cute color of the Love know top. It was truly and sweetheart and stunning.

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