Popular Dresses Seen at This Year’s Prom

This year’s prom dress styles are both elegant and fun! One of the most popular trends this season is the sweetheart neckline. Though the sweetheart neckline is a traditional one, many girls are choosing dresses that include an extra dash of style to go with this classic look. Many girls are selecting a dress with a sweetheart neckline paired with a sheer covering. It looks as if the dress is strapless, but the girl’s shoulders are covered with a sheer layer of fabric that makes for a lovely detail. The sheer fabric may even continue down her back making the dress all the more attractive. Consider some of the other popular dress trends showing up at this year’s proms.

Many girls are opting for a shorter prom dress than in years past. A knee-length prom dress is a common sight on the dance floor this year. The hem of a shorter dress is usually made with flowing fabric like chiffon so it moves around a girl’s legs as she shows off her dance moves. The hem of a shorter dress moves with her so she can enjoy herself at the party without having to deal with a tight skirt. A prom dress with a knee-length hem makes it easy for a girl to breeze across the dance floor to meet her date!

This year’s female prom attendees are wearing dresses in pastel colors. Instead of the basic black, girls are going with shades of yellow, lilac, green and blue. Many girls pair their pastel dress with a silver or gold bag and shoes to make the ensemble all the more memorable. A girl who wants to find a prom dress in a lovely pastel color can take steps to make the process a little easier. For example, she can shop by color to find what appeals to her without delay. She can find any style in a color she adores.

Finally, the small details are getting a lot of attention from this year’s prom attendees. Girls are choosing dresses with beading, sequins and sparkles. The beading may be on the bodice of the dress or around the neckline. Alternatively, a girl may opt for a dress that features beading on its straps or waistline. In many cases, the details of a dress can be the deciding factor for girls in search of the perfect prom dress to wear this year.

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Anatomie Collection | Modern Designer Sportswear

Seasons come and go, should you allow good things passing by without getting one for yourself. Get a hold of the latest fashion, in style, trendy apparel and modern designer sportswear only at Anatomie. Spruce up your wardrobe and fashion collections from head to toe including coats or jacket and etc. Finding what’s comfortable and perhaps consider in today design and style wise will make a good fashion statement.

I would say I am fortunate and the luckiest indeed to have received this gorgeous Rosella Ruffle Jacket Khaki. There is something about designer that makes us wonder and squeal with excitement. We may not too familiar with the famous designer in a fashion world nonetheless we are curious enough to know and appreciate their work of art. Winter will not officially be here until the 21st of December and yet we’ve been having quiet a lot of snow in our area. The cold fronts is kicking in but that doesn’t mean you have to look miserable. This designer jacket Rosella Ruffle Jacket Khaki would make a perfect outfit underneath your heavy winter coat. You can wear it in different occasion like party, gathering and even in going to your yoga session. The style looks modern and very fashionable.

It is made of top quality material in and out given the sophistication, elegance, functional and modernity of their product. A comfortable jacket to wear underneath your down jacket that makes you feel confident, look smart and feminine. It great addition to your coat and jacket collection hence a wardrobe upgrades. Well, if you live in a country with four seasons you become obsess with coats and jacket. You can never be done finding the right coat or jacket that would fit to you everyday life. At Anatomie Style.com, I am quiet sure you will find a suitable jacket that you can wear for your outdoor activity and running exercise. Beat the chill this season in statement outerwear! Check out ANATOMIE Designer Activwear, a European inspired performance Fashion.

Rosella Ruffle Jacket Khaki

Each season, the people behind Anatomie Style travel to Milan, Paris, and New York to translate the most up to date styles into functional fashion. Anatomie collections feature a youthful attitude and fashion-forward vibrancy while never losing site of their core philosophy: functional fashion.

Every piece is made with love, using the latest French and Italian performance fabrics – they are chic, feminine, and versatile. Anatomie collections are easy to care for as they are machine washable, wrinkle free and never shrink or fade saving valuable time and money.

Shop today at Connect
Website: ANATOMIE – Modern Designer Sportswear.
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Stunning Wedding Dresses at DressFirst

2013 Wedding Dress2013 Garden Wedding Dress

Lovely dress, makeup and accessories are some of the thing that changes and transforms a girl’s appearance into a woman. There is a type of dress that is intended for girl only and a dress for grown ups to make themselves look like a lady, woman and even princess. When it comes to wedding and other celebration for their womanhood there is also dresses for that and you can find it at DressFirst. The leading supplier of wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses, and accessories. Customers can select their favorite dresses here with great satisfaction.

Stunning wedding dresses, gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, exquisite evening dresses and lovely prom dresses that are in fashion right now. You can find wide range selection of beautiful dresses at DressFirst depending on the special occasion. All these dresses are determined to make good variety of products with high quality just for the clients and customers. The styles, designs and colors are attractive and incredibly beautiful. Designed to fit your preferences, made with top quality material and the price is low.

It is not easy to look for pretty dresses that is simple yet shines with elegance and sophistication. A wedding is the most important and significant event for every woman. You are the most beautiful person in that crowd and it should be right that your dress is as beautiful. Whatever is the color motif and theme of your wedding, it may be a beach wedding, garden wedding and etc then you should try looking for the suitable gown or wedding dress at DressFirst. In addition, not only wedding dresses you can find at DressFirst but other dresses as well such as evening gown, prom dress, bridesmaid. So. visit the website and start looking around for the perfect wedding dress, gowns and more depending on the occasion. Pair it with stunning accessories to match with your dress. What are you waiting for?

Prom Dress

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Beautiful Pagent Dresses

pageant dresses

A pageant can be a wonderful experience for both daughter and mother. It offers a time for child and parent to bond over a common interest, all while engaging in the wonder of fantasy and excitement. To a very young girl, a pageant will play out like an elaborate game of dress-up. She may connect the fanfare and aesthetics to Halloween, and be inspired to compete in future events. If you find that your little one doesn’t share your own exuberance for the event, however, it’s probably best not to encourage her into future pageants. After all, you want it to be fun, and the last thing you want to do is project your own desires onto your kid. In fact, pageants tend to get a lot of criticism because overzealous parents make everyone else look poorly as a result. However, there are plenty of parents who are patient, understanding and quite care-free about the entire process. Most little girls will certainly gain pleasure out of shopping for a dress, however, which can be both fun and frustrating at once. It can be a bit of a chore if you can’t find the dress your heart desires, but with a little patience everyone can be happy with their choice. One option is to order a gown online as opposed to scouring stores. There are a variety of sugar pageant dresses at PageantDesigns.com that are absolutely beautiful and alluring in their resplendence. Any child would love them and be inspired instantly.

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Beautiful Fashion Collection & Abstract Printed Dress at 24/7 Frenzy Review

Dressing up brings out every girl’s feminine side and curve. You just have to pick the right dress that suits your personality, style and of course it fits on you. It’s overwhelming at times shopping for the perfect dress for a certain occasion. There are too many offline and online stores to check out for dresses and women apparel. Once you found the store that sells amazing collection of dresses, fashion apparel and accessory best thing to do is bookmark it so you know exactly where to go the next time you are on a shopping spree.

I was so excited when I received on the mail the item – Abstract Printed Dress with Cinched Waist from 24/7 Frenzy. It is beautiful and by par the most unique design I have ever seen. Abstract is the new fashion today. I love the cut and style, it is so detailed. The cinched waist gives shapes to your body. To top it all, the black and white print look so attractive and beautiful. You can never go wrong with B&W. It’s easy to wear regardless of the occasion. Mix and match this dress with any color of kicks or pumps to create your own style and fashion.

Another comfortable and gorgeous item I picked is this Black & Grey Racerback Striped Tank Top. Perfect summer staple piece and you can pair it with jeans, shorts, bathing suit or for lounging and sleeping! You can also wear this fashionable tank top in your workout and outdoor exercise. Summer is approaching so start browsing around at 24/7 Frenzy for Maxi dress, swimwear, tanks and camisole, tops and more.

Talking about fashion, style, and trends in clothing, 24/7 Frenzy has it all. I really love their full collection of apparel. It’s trendy, fashionable, lovely, and stunning plus the price is totally affordable. Think of 24|7 Frenzy as a round-the-clock shopping spree. It’s all fashion, all the craze, all the time! Check out the new arrivals and never fall out of fashion. Visit their website to start shopping and I would suggest to Like and follow 24/7 Frenzy on Facebook and twitter for updates of their latest arrivals and product promotion. Lastly, please enter the giveaway for a chance to win $50 e-gift card which can be used towards anything at 24/7 Frenzy.

Website: www.247frenzy.com
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Enter the Giveaway:
Three (3) lucky readers will have the chance to win $50 e-gift card each which can be used towards anything in the site www.247frenzy.com, including items on sale.

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Airport Fashion & Traveling with Style

It takes planning, research, timing and budgeting when you travel. Make a plan about the place you want to go, the transportation and hotel reservation so everything goes smoothly. With all these being planned, make sure to stick on a budget that covers all the expenses otherwise you’ll drain your wallet and come home broke. Do your assignment first like search online for cheaper deals on airline tickets and airfares before you book your travel reservation and everything. I’m sure you will find great offers and deals on airlines ticket and airfares. Check anytime on saudi airlines online booking if you travel internationally. Timing is everything in booking for a plane ticket and reservations. I have read an article online based on a common experiences from people who travels a lot. That the prices of airline ticket and airfare changes as they sometimes go up based on similar searches within a defined period. If you often search multiple times the price jumps and when that happens, try to wait about 8 hours and the prices will come down. This happened to us too when we booked a ticket for our upcoming trip to the Philippines. The best practice is book your ticket the earliest possible and travel with style just like this little kid in the picture below. Well, this kid had been traveling since he was still an infant and now he is old enough to even fly by himself. His mom or dad will just picked him up at the airport and he uses the non-revenue ticket.

What do you like best when traveling?

I love to travel and it has been my passion to visit different places. Unfortunately, this path in life was never became mine and even though I chose to be a stay-at-home mom and full time wife and homemaker, I am still grateful of what I have. I am happy that my family still able to make family trips and vacation. Experiencing different culture and be around at different places are some of the best thing a traveler can do. It is also interesting to visit different airports and make comparison. I also envy this celebrity that come and go at the airport like it’s their fashion runway. We all have reasons and purpose why we travel. It may be for family vacation, business trip, recreation or excursion or part of the job just like most celebrity.

Obviously, when it comes to fashion and trend, Lady Gaga always standout and catches people’s attention. I was browsing online and came across this website Vogue where I found a few photos of celebrity in the airport fashion.

Lady Gaga, in a dramatic monochrome outfit, waves as she walks across the tarmac after arriving by private jet at Sydney Airport.
Wearing the T-shirt she designed to aid Vogue Japan’s earthquake appeal teamed with a skirt and lace tights, Lady Gaga greeted fans at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo.
These heel-less boots proved too much for Lady Gaga – they caused her to famously trip and fall at Heathrow when she wore them.
Prince William and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge – wearing slim grey dress by Catherine Walker – stepped off of the plane in Montreal, showing that airport style can still be smart.
Rachel Bilson chose Breton stripes, a classic blazer, Ray-Bans and a straw hat to depart Los Angeles airport.
Anne Hathaway was channelling the dolce vita as she arrived in Venice wearing a belted sundress and oversized sunglasses with a straw basket.
Kylie Minogue demonstrates airport style in the Eighties at Heathrow.

As for regular people like us, we travel with out own comfortable airport fashion.

Note; Sorry for the Picture overload. The pictures of celebrity above in their Airport fashion or runway were old photos.

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Go for Green

This is not the green for environmental living it’s the dress that I got from Living Royal. I won a gift card from a giveaway to Green Living and i saw this on sale dress of $40. I gained a lot of weight over the summer of last year but this dress did made me look so horrible. It stretched and the accent adds beauty to this dress. i paired it with this cute green kicks with rose accent. I got the shoes for $7.99 at 10 Dollar Mall. Over all this outfit was like free, a dress from the giveaway GC I won and gift card for product review.

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