Dressing the Best Way to Show Off Your Style

Your style says a lot about you. It shows your interests, personality, and way you view the world. Deck out your wardrobe with clothes and accessories that express these attributes. If you’re not certain how to sport your specific aesthetic, these are the items you need to pick your next shopping trip.

Rock Your Edgy Side

If you’re rebellious and love all things rock ‘n roll, you need a wardrobe as loud as you are. Buy a pair of ladies motorcycle chaps for the next time you take your bike for a spin. Pair them with a leather jacket to prove that you are one tough chick. Complete the look with a choker and a tank top with your favorite band on it to wear at a concert, dive bar or anywhere you bring your edgy posse.

Strut Your Preppy Style

If you like shopping and anything pink, you want your closet to be as peppy and girly as you are. Overlap a collared shirt with a sweater for those brisk coffee runs to pick up your pumpkin spiced latte. A gingham skirt serves as a nice base for any occasion. No outfit is complete without a cute designer purse and fun-colored flats. A little back sequin dress is the cherry on top in your closet for those nights out on the town.

Parade Your Artsy Attributes

If you exude hippy vibes and love marching to the beat of your own drum, why shouldn’t your clothes do the same? Let your creativity flow with a bohemian skirt or a pair of elephant pants. Match those with a lace crop top to the next festival you attend. Add a fringe cardigan, a flower crown and feather earrings to any outfit to give off peace and love vibes.

Whether you’re a rocker chick, girly girl or hippy goddess, these outfits will give you a closet that displays your unique personality.

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