3 Ways a Dermatologist Helps You Care for Your Skin

The health of your skin matters. If your skin breaks out with acne, or develops a rash or irritation, it can be a symptom of something negative happening internally in your body. It can also be a reaction to something that touched your skin and did not react favorably. Colorado dermatology specialists are trained to assess skin issues and offer solutions.

Here are three ways a dermatologist can help you care for your skin.


A sudden flare up, appearance of bumps or overwhelming feeling of itchiness on your skin is not normal. The positive outlook is to see these symptoms as a warning sign. An allergic reaction to food, irritation caused by a specific ingredient or something else should not be ignored. A dermatologist visually assesses the issue. If studies are required, they are ordered. It could be the development of eczema, psoriasis or skin cancer. If it is a simple irritation, you will be told what caused it and how to prevent the irritation from concurring again.

Sufferers of extreme acne can also be helped by a dermatologist because they prescribe clinical-strength lotions and medications.


Your pores are more sensitive than you may realize. Dirt, elements and makeup that get stuck in the microscopic holes cause breakouts on your skin. These breakouts are not limited to your face. They can also occur on your back, chest and even arms. In these cases, you may simply require better cleansing. A dermatologist can schedule regular facials to help keep your pores clean. A dermatologist can also schedule microdermabrasions and chemical peels.


Maybe you have looked in the mirror and are not as satisfied with the appearance of your skin as you once were. Cosmetic treatments can return light, clarity and evenness to your skin and its tone. Injections, laser treatments and coolscupting are some of your options.

The health of skin is important since negative reactions can reflect something bad happening internally. Colorado dermatology specialists offer several services including medical, cleansing and cosmetic to help your skin radiate.

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