3 Benefits of Permanent Makeup

The beauty industry remains one of the most popular and profitable sectors for a number of reasons. During the Depression, it managed to remain afloat because women continued to purchase lipstick despite the gloomy environment. Forbes, in May 2017, estimated this field was worth $445 billion and a great place for self-made entrepreneurs. The beauty industry is fueled by women and innovation. Digital permanent makeup machine, for example, is among the newest products that helps makeup stay on for an extended period of time.

As permanent makeup picks up steam, here are three benefits it offers.

Avoids Sensitivities

How a person’s skin reacts to makeup depends on their body’s chemistry and the makeup’s ingredients. There are those who cannot wear any because their skin experiences allergies like drying, redness and itchiness. In other cases, makeup causes embarrassing skin breakouts of acne or hives.

It is Permanent

The use of permanent makeup stretches beyond those who experience unwanted effects to traditional cosmetics. Since permanent makeup stays on despite environmental conditions, it has become popular among athletes and women who are constantly on the go. Tattooing eyebrows, for example, has become a trend among women whose eyebrows are not as full or dark as they would like. Plus, it does not require daily application. To keep them looking radiant, a simply touch-up suffices every few weeks. Some makeup wearers enjoy the daily experience of using their face as a canvas to create a beautiful masterpiece. Others, prefer to wake up this way without worrying about removing and re-applying.

Health Impairements

Whether it is due to age, an accident or inherited through the family genes, for some, health impairments hinder the makeup application process. Arthritis, for example, may make it painful to reach certain areas or nearly impossible at certain times of the year. Permanent makeup alleviates this issue.

As the beauty industry remains stable, it continues to innovate. Permanent makeup offers several benefits and technology improvements including the digital permanent makeup machine.

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