3 Men’s Fashion Accessory Essentials

When it comes to fashion accessories, the market is geared toward women. Women enjoy shopping for handbags, jewelry and shoes, and they enjoy receiving them as gifts, too. Even though the market is smaller for men, probably because most men do not want to be bothered with accessorizing their outfit, simple and easy-to-match pieces do exist. Men’s skinny ties, for example, are an accessory that should not be overlooked, and in some environments, required. Available in striped, patterned and solid colors, men can show their personality with this minimalist accessory on their business or casual attire.

Here are three more fashion accessories that are wardrobe essentials for men.


Now that the majority of the public owns a cell phone, and carries it everywhere they go, the necessity for a watch has dissipated. A watch is more than a method that shows the time; a watch is a statement. It is also an investment. The higher the quality, the more likely the wearer is disciplined and successful in his career. For the successful man who enjoys being a weekend warrior, quality water-resistant and sweat-proof watches are available for purchase, too.

Money Clip

While a wallet does a great job of keeping money, cards and other items organized, a money clip is a less bulky accessory that accomplishes the same task. Available in an array of materials, colors and textures, they can also be personalized. Money clips, therefore, double as thoughtful gift ideas. For the man in your life, you may pick a solid silver or gold money clip. You can also opt for one that consists of his favorite sports team’s logo. If you would like to take this gift a step further, you can take it to an engraver who can etch his name onto the clip.


Pants and other bottoms that fit well do not require a belt to keep them in place. To add a little something to an outfit, though, a belt will do without being overly flashy. From cowboys to business men, there is a belt style for all. Since a quality leather belt can last for years, it is an accessory that does not have to be purchased often.

Even though men may not enjoy acquiring fashion accessories as much as women, a quality watch, money clip and belt are simple pieces that round out a complete wardrobe.

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