Fighting Brain Cancer

Local news Santa Monica has published the fact that Providence Saint John’s Health Center has researchers who are studying and investigating the virus of a largely eradicated disease: polio. That virus is the latest weapon in the ongoing fight against gliobastoma, which is the most aggressive cancer that begins in the brain. Signs and symptoms may include nausea, headaches, personality changes, and the symptoms that are similar to a stroke.

Various viruses are being studied by Oncologist Dr. Santosh Kesari together with his colleagues in this fight against glioblastoma, which is often resistant to conventional treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy. He states that this is an engineered virus and it is not the normal virus that causes polio. He notes that others are also doing research and clinical trials on the polio virus around the country, and this particular research is now in phase two clinical trials.

Dr. Kesari goes on to say that other viruses that are used in fighting cancer are different. The polio virus causes inflammation, which revs up a person’s immune system that is not as efficient at the task of clearing cells that can form cancer as we age. When these particular viruses are injected, they reset the immune system and make the system recognize the tumor cells. Each glioblastoma has bio markers that are different, so the polio virus might not be a solution for every case, but it is one of dozens of important viral treatments that are underway.

Providence Saint John’s Health Center, a 266-bed hospital that is nationally-renowned, continues its world-class tradition established in 1942 to provide breakthrough medicine in an inspired and compassionate healing environment. It has a well-earned reputation for award-winning care and clinical excellence using the latest in diagnostic technology. It is also the home of the John Wayne Cancer Institute, which is dedicated to medical advancements, clinical research, and trials in cancer care.

Providence Saint John’s has continually achieved distinguished awards, multiple acclamations, and top ratings for its clinical excellence and its patient safety by the leading accreditation organizations.

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