How To Print Your Own Custom Stickers

If you are looking to decorate your electronics, accessories or even your vehicle, you can always invest in custom stickers. Your stickers may include your nickname, favorite pattern or a fun graphic. There are plenty of companies that allow you to create and order your own stickers right on their website. The following steps give you an idea of just how easy it is to create and print custom stickers.

Start With The Sticker Type

There are several types of stickers to choose from on most custom sticker websites. The types may vary per website, but the selection usually includes cut out, double cut, kiss cut and text only stickers. You may also be able to choose the cut option for your sticker, which usually includes cut out and double cut.

Set The Size Of Your Sticker

A default size may appear when you choose a sticker type, but you can also change the height and width of your sticker. It is best to use the default size so you do not have to worry about a cropped design.

Select A Border For Your Sticker

You may have the option to select a border for your sticker. The selection may vary per compamy, but you can usually choose a white border or to bleed the color to the edge.

Select Your Sticker Shape

Now it is time to select the shape of your sticker. The selection includes rectangle, square, circle and oval shaped stickers. You may even be able to choose a rectangle or square sticker with rounded corners. The selection may also include a custom die cut, or you can use the die cut you already have on file.

Receive Proof Of Your Sticker

Receiving proof allows you to preview the stickers before you place your order. There are sticker companies that give you the option to receive proof through email for free or by regular mail at a small price.

Choose Your Quantity

You need to select a quantity so the company knows how many stickers to print and mail to you.

Add To Cart

The final steps are to add your stickers to your cart, place your order and wait for your stickers to be delivered to your home or business.

The company makes it easy to create and print your custom stickers, and you can use them to add your own style to your belongings.

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