Creating Options

When it comes to creating options for the birth of a luxury engagement ring, custom wedding bands, or for that matter any other custom jewelry, Krikawa has mastered the art.

For most, the conversation with Krikawa opens as result of having seen a picture in a magazine, product catalogue, at a store counter, or perhaps online. However, the design is missing that special something that will make it a very personal and unique piece commemorating an event or occasion of great importance. Krikawa takes the idea and, working with the customer, develops prototypes based upon personal taste, creativity, and imagination. They make available an outstanding inventory of precious gems, diamonds, and metals to be used in the crafting of the exact specified design.

Additionally, Krikawa is always open to special order of a component outside the extensive assortment of jewels should that need arise. There is a clear recognition by this custom jewelry designer that every project is unique. Their many years of successful international design work has brought many awards for custom design within the industry. More important still, the many testimonies of satisfied customers reflect the ability of this custom design house to create options and choices that will satisfy the most particular customer needs.

As is the case with most important decisions, creating options in support of exacting taste and need is always a very wise choice. When it comes to a diamond engagement ring, custom wedding band or other custom jewelry, something likely top be worn for a lifetime, the reasoning behind maintaining options is clear. In the world of custom jewelry manufacture nowhere will be found a more customer sensitive approach than with Krikawa and the Krikawa team.

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