How to Update the Style of Your Home

Your home should be a reflection of your personality and taste with the decor that is on display. You can enhance the comfort and tone of the setting by using contemporary pieces that look chic. When you want to update the style of your home and feel proud to show it off, there are a few important tips to follow.

Use Pom Pom Baskets

Pom pom baskets are modern and fun when you need extra storage solutions in the bedroom or bathroom. You can store books, shoes, and throw blankets in the decorative baskets, which you can put on display in front of a fireplace or by the front door under a console table. The pom poms will also incorporate extra color shades into the room.

Add a Wall Tapestry

Instead of using photographs or paintings to decorate the wall, opt for a wall tapestry that looks bohemian and will work as the focal point of a bedroom or living room. Consider hanging the fabric behind a bed, which can function as the backdrop of the setting. Choose a neutral color shade that complements the color of the walls and isn’t overly bold or dramatic.

Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood is raw and organic with its style when you want to create a relaxing setting that is more rustic. Use reclaimed wood furniture pieces that are durable and study, which will allow you to use them in the home for many years to come. Pair the items with colorful Sedona East home decor pieces for proper balance.

Tassel Details

From bedspreads to frames, many items now include tassel details with a style that embraces other types of culture. The tassels are fun and unexpected when you want to use a home item that has an eclectic style.

Cactus Prints

Update the style of your home with cactus or succulent prints, which will allow you to bring a touch of the outside into your interior setting. The prints are urban and cool when you want to create a youthful environment that looks bright and airy.

When you’re redecorating your home, it’s important to follow some of the latest trends to ensure that the interior setting looks updated and modern. With the right decor pieces and wall art, you can enjoy entertaining in the house and show it off to your guests.

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